Who still drinks the water from the tap?

With so many cities now having trouble with contaminated/polluted water, how many places still have safe drinking water from the tap? I’m fortunate enough to have spring fed water, myself.

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me =)


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Answer #3

mee :)

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Not quite sure if my tap water is “safe” to drink or not. All I know is that when you turn on the faucet, the water coming out reeks of chlorine. Gross!

Answer #5

omggg ew poor you

Answer #6

Well I usually get it from the front of my fridge which is tap water thats been ran through the filter :P. Gets some of that chlorine taste outa it. I drink tap water at work all the time tho.

But I relish the water at my best mates house, straight from a mountain spring (quite literally).

I really can’t stand bottled water. I don’t care what people say I can still taste all the chemicals they use to purify it, and even had some bottle water that felt like it was burning my throat. I’ve had fresh spring water, and had nothing but well water for 10 yrs. That bottle crap is not fresh spring water!!!

Answer #7

me its not any different from a filter

Answer #8

we used to back in the 80’s…but i think i havnt had that since the 90’s it’s either filtered or bottled water in our house hold.

have to wonder though…what did people do back in the day when there was no bottled water or filters to clean water, yet had wonderful teeth. Now a days…we spend so much money on filtered water, bottled water yet so many trips to the dentists…hmmm

what do you guys make of that?!

Answer #9

lol I just stick with smartwater and deer park.

Answer #10

me :)

Answer #11

My mother, grandmother, dad, and I do NOT drink water out of the tap…It doesn’t taste quite right, and after all we heard about what is being put in the water, we refuse to drink it. We have a two door refrigerator, that has an ice and water dispenser. We get drink our water from that since it has a purifying filter built in. We also buy 5 gallon jugs of purified water, that we put in soda bottles and milk jugs so we can refrigerate it. We also cook with purified water most of the time.

Answer #12

My great aunt became very ill from drinking tap water, and has now unfortunately passed away.

Answer #13

Uhg, me. My water tastes terrible too because the treatment facility pours extra chlorine in it. In the winter pure chlorine comes out of the faucet and you can smell it from a room or two away. It’s disgusting. However I don’t mind most tap water. It’s just my stupid local treatment facility. Haha!

Answer #14

lol (:

Answer #15

u dont have tp use filtered or bottle water tap water is still fine u know… ur wasting money!!!! trytap water they do clean it u know!!

Answer #16

I do. My tap water tastes pretty good. In the past I’ve lived places with really bad water that I wouldn’t drink without filtering though.

Answer #17

Maybe it’s the fluoride they had in the water. Or the actors in the movies that interpret scenes from ages ago just had really good teeth? :)

Answer #18

I used to drink alot of tap water but now don’t since we now have a filter.

Answer #19

I think it depends on where you live. Back in 2007, the chlorine levels were above that of federal regulation in our city’s tap water. The news also reported that pharmaceuticals have shown up in our water. I remember a few years back, there were high levels of lead in our tap water as well. If you lived in my city you would find that turning on the faucet smells the equivalent of opening a bottle of clorox!

Answer #20

yeaa probably in Toronto its fine

Answer #21

ohhh truu lol:p

Answer #22

same here…the filter is under the sink, then a huge pipe reaches the frig for ice/water…then on the sink itslf there is an additional Faucet for cooking with it while using the reg tap water to wash dishes before going to the dishwasher.

Seems like the whole house is also going through a main filter because there is so much stones going through the water causing the water to get stuck. oh well, not everyone is as fortunate to live near a spring :(

Answer #23

lol, cant drink tap water here…or get really sick!

Answer #24

I do, and so does everybody where I live. New Zealand isn’t a very water-contaminated place so we just drink water from anywhere. In NZ you can drink from rivers too.

Answer #25

sames here:D

Answer #26

i would cuz i love my tap water, its well water and it tastes better (to me) than bottled water, but i cant and havent been able to for quite a few months cuz our water is rusty. so even though i would, i cant. it’ll make me sick :-\ it kinda bites bcuz my house is the only house on the well that makes it so rusty…it has been so rusty that it actually turned my hair orange! so yeah. we now get water from the store, nowhere else :p

Answer #27

I have to say, the water where I’m at is pretty nice.. But never drink from the tap in L.A. or Long Beach lol ugh.

Answer #28

In my country (South Africa) the water is safe to drink anywhere from the tap. So I drink it. We have an excellent purifying system.

Answer #29

me!!! The city where I am originally from (Christchurch) has amazing artesian water! Its not quite as good in Dunedin where I study, but its still pretty good.

Answer #30

i do sometimes

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