Will you all help me save the earth ?

Me and my friend are trying to save the earth Every1 is saying a punk cant save the earth but I know I can Willl you help??? No cars No littering No burning No pulluting Any more?

Answer #1

yeh of course I am trying to. I compost , recycle reuse evry thing I can and I do evrything I can GO Greeen oh yeh in minnisota we throw away enought garbage a day or year I cant remember to fill the metrodome!! WOW

Answer #2

I won’t litter but I will drive cars, burn stuff, and pollute lots of things sorry I don’t see how I couldnlt do any of that stuff unless I died and even then I’d pollute the grave yard with my corpse lol.

Answer #3

sure ok I am

Answer #4

dear littlered7777,

“Did you know that if you switch the tool/appliance off, but don’t switch the power off at the power point, electrical currents are still supposedly running.”

You are correct for TV, Hi-Fi, and the electrical appliances that has “stand by” mode. However, it doesn’t apply to appliances like kettle, rice cooker, electric stove, and most of the heating element.

Answer #5

well I can’t drive so check with that. I dont litter anyway. check. burning… campfires count??? thats a maybe. I dont pollute. check. now we just have to adopt all the homeless puppies and kitties and kill all those china people for killing those dolphins.

Answer #6

No cars: Right well, that won’t so much save the Earth as it will bring about the down fall of mankind. And if ‘cars’ includes HGV well…

No littering: Fair enough, however at some point litter has to be dumped, even if it is at landfills, unless you burn it all.

No burning: Bugger on the above idea then. Once again grinding the world to a halt.

No polluting: Pollution is defined as unwanted by-product, as such you’d be hard pressed to stop it. For the electricity used to power your computer to that little thing called breathing it’s all polluting.

Answer #7

only drive the car when you seriously have too,

dont use plastic bags for shopping, use boxes from grocery stores instead or the enviromental bags!

Change your light bulbs! Have you considered changing your light bulbs to energy saving lights? Not only is this good for the hip pocket as it reduces your electricity bills, it is great for the environment as well.

Turn off all your appliances or electrical hardware at the power point. Did you know that if you switch the tool/appliance off, but don’t switch the power off at the power point, electrical currents are still supposedly running.

Answer #8

wow I can only do so much haha but I’ll help out some :) lol

Answer #9


Answer #10

well I will, also recyling so they dont cutt down rainforrests

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