my friends wont stop littering

god its so annoying. my friends are forever throwing their litter around! it damages the environment. I always have to pick up after them. even when I moan to them about it they just say stuff like: “for gods sake Kim its just a bit of junk” but it can add up. help please. x

Answer #1

yes, throw it at them

Answer #2

after they do it pick it up and put it in ther yard and see how they like it when people litter on ther property

Answer #3

I hate when my friends do it. and communities need more trashcans everywhere, there are hardly any where I live so people litter all the time, and there should be huge recycle boxes beside the trashcans. and when the stuff gets to the junkyard, it wont disintegrate it will just sit there just like the stuff your friends litter.

Answer #4

When they litter, pick it up, take it home and place it in a bag. Collect it for a month and then take it to their house and dump it in their bedroom. Let them see how it feels to have trash thrown where they live.And let them know that is the amount of litter they produced in a month. It won’t look like a little bit then.

Answer #5

Pick up all there litter and put it in their yards and when they ask WTH then say “it’s just a bit of litter”. might seem a tad immature, but they’ll might see from your point of view.

Answer #6

april has a good idea. if they litter, stick it in their pockets, bags, back of their hoodie. or even in their yard!

Answer #7

explain to them that litter is illegal in many places and I know wheree I live if you are caught littering it is a $300 fine.

Answer #8

omg what selfish girls, yeah next timw you go to there house throw rubbish in there room, give them a taster because its not fair they trash nature like that

Answer #9


in my country they actually fine people thousands of dollars for littering

Answer #10


in my country they actually fine people thousands of dollars for littering

Answer #11


in my country they actually fine people thousands of dollars for littering

Answer #12

pick up the junk and place it in their pants pocket ,purse etc…see if they get the point… the junk adds up and looks like crap…put some junk in their house…see if they like it …say for gods sake kim it’s just a bit of junk…this may cause a fight but maybe they will “see” it

Answer #13

well my advice might sound stupid but at least try it… every time they throw something pick it uo and throw it at them … its equal the environment got damaged , their clothes did.

hope they will realize what it means.

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