Going green

Okay as we all know that today is earth day I like to be honest I really didn’t care about like going Green or anything.but I seen this commercial about A polar bear and his baby livin like on a 3ft ice berg(u might of seen it before) And it was said.anyway let me just cut to the chase I am really scared about global warming cause we are learning about that in science well today.and I learn thata if it goes on we will eventually burn.

So can you guys go green??? Give me your opinion

Answer #1

I’ve been trying to get my roommates to cooperate with me on this. turning out the lights and stuff when we’re not using them… we’ve changed all the light bulbs in the house to the swirly kind. we do full loads of laundry.. etc…

one thing I’m having a hard time getting them to do is unplugging things they’re not using. when things are plugged in, even when they’re turned off, they still use energy. like your TV… the reason you can turn it on with the remote is because it’s always in standby mode… otherwise it wouldn’t be ready to receive the signal from the remote… just think about it… it is constantly ready to receive a signal that will only last a micro second, and only a couple times a day… what a waste to be on standby for all that time just waiting for something so small.

Answer #2

I did my part for earth day by not littering just like I don’t litter any other day. Shut the computer off is one way to go green… I hate that phrase, don’t you?

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