Why am I worried about a tornado?

A little bit ago, there was a tornado warning in Marion, Ohio. I don’t live close to there, but I’m still scared to death. Right now, its lighting here, and extremley dark & cloudy. Should I be scared? I asked my mom if we would get hit by hit, and she said no. Do you think I’ll get hit by it even if I do live a little ways from it?

Answer #1

omg its the same here too! its pounding rain and its so creepy! I live in OH dont be scared, just sleep in your basement if you can’t get it out of your head if your basement isnt furnished, listen to calming music or watch a funny movie

Answer #2

No… and I have the same fear. I don’t even live near an area prone to them and I still call my mom from school when it storms to have her pick me up… I know I’m a baby.

Answer #3

if your worried watch the weather report you should if you are going to get hit by a tornado it will start to probley start to get windy! just watch the weather every night and look up the weather on the internet :) best of lukxx

Answer #4

The first thing to remember is to not work yourself up. A tornado can be a very scary thing, it can rip houses to shreds and do millions of dollars in damage. But heres the thing, only 100 people are killed per year in the U.S. That is less than a half percent of deaths in all! You are more likely to grow an extra finger! Don’t be scared. if a tornado is spotted in your area, grab a T.V. or radio and take it to your basement. Make sure everyone (including pets) are down in the basement with you. If you hear a tornado coming, it will sound kind of like a train but really loud. When you hear it, protect your head at all costs!

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