Would you ever go hiking somewhere,where a bunch of people died?

So,there’s this place about 5 hours from where i live called Angel’s Landing. Maybe it’s farther then 5 hours. Never been there. The name it’s self sounds deppressing.. ‘’Angel’s Landing’’ say that outloud… Anyway,so yesterday was about the 4th death i heard about from there. This dude,chris something was only 18 i think,fell 100 feet. Everyone still goes there to hike and they all die! :( wtf?

Answer #1

if the bodies are still there no if not then maybe i would

Answer #2

lol they aren’t still there. But knowing ppl die out there all the time. You still would?

Answer #3

i would try to find my own reason of how they die out there or from what and then i’d be able to say i lived hiking up a mountain where people before me died

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Answer #5

If you asked me that like 2 years go i would have said hell why not…nothing left to lose…might even find some sort of inner peace if i happened to fall… Today…I wouldn’t be able to…I value my life a little more then I prob used to! Not that it changed for the better…just see things in a different light…no one & nothing is worth giving it all up for…not a damn mountain or anything else that might come along!

Answer #6

i would want to but im not, :)

Answer #7

theres nothing i’ll miss from my life if something really happens

Answer #8

Hmm, probably not it sounds pretty dangerous. 0.o

Answer #9

irk? i hate hiking to begin with. And its so bloody hot outside! –Argh. Angel’s Landing is a death spot.

Answer #10

It really depends why they’re dying. I love hiking, so if it was a nice day and a nice spot, why not?

Answer #11

Hell Yeah I would do a sayonce Awsomez

Answer #12

nah i woudn’t i’d find somewhere else to hike lol

Answer #13


Answer #14

Uhmm!!! YES.. Bc I will live.. Try lol. But I wuld want to go bc if I do live then I get all those bragging rights sayin AHAA I lived.. Anyone wana come lol XD

Answer #15

Pssshh, yeah!

Answer #16


Answer #17

HELL NO! If the place has a history of deaths…………why would anyone wanna go there, what they wanna die too!

Answer #18

I would hike somewhere just because of that.

Answer #19

It’s probably better to go hiking where a bunch of people died than a place where noone has died, because the chances of more people dying in that spot seem less likely, whereas if noone has died there, it’s probably due time. lol.

unless it’s like a really dangerous spot and people are like wth were they thinking hiking there. otherwise, yea what I said before.

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