What is the heaviest metal?

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ozzy Osborne

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Osmium is the heaviest metal, Osmium has a density of around 22 grams per cubic centimetre.

What is the heaviest metal?

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I assume by "heaviest," you mean "densest;" in that case, the densest chemical element is osmium (which is a metal). Osmium has a density of around 22 grams per cubic centimeter, about twice the density of lead! Answer 3: The heaviest naturally occurring element is plutonium measured by the mass of the element.

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What is the heaviest alkali metal?
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Osmium is the heaviest metal.

What is the heaviest alkaline earth metal?

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Osmium and iridium are the densest metals in the world, but relative atomic mass is another way to measure "weight." The heaviest metals in terms of relative atomic mass are plutonium and uranium.

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Osmium is the heaviest.

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