Are we going to die because of global warming?

The weather has been terrible lately and it is nearing to 2012. O_O We’re going to die :’(

Answer #1

uhm, no were not : )

Answer #2

=[ I think we are.

Answer #3

We are not going to die lol

Answer #4

Good, if we do I blame you. :)

Answer #5

lol, no not going to die, i promise.

Answer #6

no? were all gonna die cause of the zombie apocalypse… DUH

Answer #7

Thank you :) hahaha.

Answer #8

and if youve watched 2012 the movies, i would suggest not watching it again. :)

Answer #9

Lol yeea I watched it hahaha my mom bought it fooor me :S bad idea :P

Answer #10

lolz, its a good movie tho. i saw it as more of a action movie tho not a OH NO WE GUNNA DIE movie :)

Answer #11

All those scary movies with the world being destroyed like War of the World and 2012 scares meee :P

Answer #12

no, we are going to day because eventually the world will come to an end when the Moshiach (messiah) comes

Answer #13

haha, maybe yhu should just watch the comedy movies.

Answer #14

not in a million years. but the north pole is already melting because of thit.

Answer #15

Lol I love scary movies though :P I don’t think I’ll watch them for a while though.

Answer #16

It’s going to get so hot that we’re all going to burn to death

Answer #17

haha, good idea, and i hope yhu dont watch them by your self

Answer #18

theres actually no such thing as global warming. well its not caused by humans it is a natural process the earth goes thru

Answer #19

Global warming is a long term thing. It’s not likely that we are going to die because of it.

Answer #20

I doubt it….we’re more likely to freeze to death if egos get in the way when global warming becomes global cooling….The earth has been warming cooling for billions of years.

Answer #21

The government will make an experiment and test it on us humans.

Answer #22

Global warming is a natural process that happens all on it’s own, all we have done is sped up the process. Global warming is not a major issue for our generation or even the next generation, but as it gets worse it will effect us greatly. As for killing us there is no need to worry quite yet, though it is best to do our part to keep the enviornment clean and respect our Earth.

Answer #23

we could, things are going to happen due to global warming, it could be something drastic as tha earthquake in Haiti or just some really hott weather. its going to take some time to get pretty drastic, we might not even have to really worry about it in our generation.

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