What can I do to help fight against japanese whaling?

Im not sure what topic this goes under but I find that the japanese whaling taking place in australian ocean is wrong and I want to support those who fight against it! Its not researce its murder, these whale are endangered! You cant eat whale meat anyway cuase of high mercury content which is deadly. The japanese goverment came out saying whats the diffrence australians kill kangaroos. Which is not the same purley cause they 1- arnt endanged 2-are culled because large populations wipe out food for themselves and suffer by starvating. these are our oceans and not theirs, those whales are endangered and this is not research! What can I do to help even stop this if it small?

Answer #1

I agree with the both of you. Two things would be possible for younger people like myself. Try donating to Greenpeace in order to support them. They do an amazing job, and it’s a pity the Japanese can’t respect that. Another thing which costs nothing and I have personally done before is, if you’re still in school, try raising awareness. I recently performed a 10 minute speech in SOSE (Studies of Society and Environment) on whaling, and the teacher allowed me to pin numerous photos of whaling on the classroom wall afterwards. The reaction from the class was amazing. Even the most stubborn, careless of people were commenting on how disgusting this type of thing is. If you’re a little stage shy, try making posters and stuff. Ask if you can put them up in the school library, computer labs etc. Anything like this that can help raise awareness is ideal. Most people would have heard of whaling, but their knowledge about it is probably limited.

Hope I helped ^^

~AnimalInsanity x

Answer #2

You can always join an environmental awareness group, for example, Greenpeace as they are strong advocate against whaling.

I’m on a similar path to you regarding whaling. Why do they need to slaughter so many whales each year and it is the same damn excuses over and over by the Japanese Government saying their actions are mainly for ‘research purposes’, yeah research my arse and in Australian waters.!!

Pisses me right off when numerous whales beaches themselves every year on our Australian foreshores and these poor whales cannot be push back into the ocean due to their sheer size and there is no choice but to left them to die peacefully and then use a bulldozer to bury them.…..Why don’t the Japanese governemt take these dead carcass instead.!!!

It’s similar to the Chinese who love their shark fin soups, but how many fins do they need for one pot of bloody soup? Baby sharks are also captured so their fins can be hacked off. It is so bloody barbaric….Why cant they use artificial fins made from noodles or something instead of the real thing.

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