What does go green mean

I keep hearing it everywere but still have no clue what it means

Answer #1

Save the earth and use more earth friendly products.

Answer #2

here it practically means..recycle..don’t use plastic bags use reusable bags(for groceries)..save electricity..ect

Answer #3

if your from jersey or philly it means start liking the eagles

Answer #4

become an enviornmentalist be nice to the air \

Answer #5

live in a way that is sustainable to the earth. there are many differnt ways to do it, such as recylcing, using smaller more gas freindly cars, using less paper, using a tote at the store instead of bags as both paper and plastic are bad, and more. if you would like more ways to “go green” so are earth can stay beautiful and healthy much longer, then you can fun mail me. I had to write a research paper for my college english class and that was my topic, so I am pretty knowlegeable about the subject

Answer #6

It’s when you use environmentally friendly products. Like when you grocery shop instead of using paper or plastic bags you use canvas. Buy products that are naturally found in the environment. Having solar energy instead of electric. Basically if it can be found naturally in the environment then it’s good and if it doesn’t clog the land fills then it’s good.

Answer #7

to make things short, it means to save the earth.

Answer #8

Go green means using green cleaning products that are non-toxic, biodegradable, and made from renewable resources (not petroleum).Due to the toxic substances presented in chemical cleaners we can suffer from skin irritation, air pollution which can cause redness or swelling of skin, irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and lungs, cause asthma attacks, and contribute to smog. Alfakleen www.alfakleen.com

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