Disney going green?

Really? COME ON! I hate this one line “A mil. pounds of C02 gone from our air.” I’m possible. Humans make C02 witch helps trees, in return the trees make Air. Do you agree that its stupid or not?

Answer #1

It is stupid how they said it. But we do need to clean our air very badly. It’s filthy with pollutants.

Answer #2

You do realize the CO2 levels in the air are causing climate change…what that means is up for debate, but every scientist out there agrees that we’d be better off not putting as much CO2 into the atmosphere.

Try asking about this in science class…if your teacher is worth their salary, you’ll get an earful.

Answer #3

I agree on that

Answer #4

Answer #5

Yes, carbon dioxide is recycled by plants into oxygen, but have you realized that deforestation is a very serious environmental issue? Disney is just raising awareness to young kids. I think it’s a good idea because we need as many people as possible to take action. This is real. It effects the entire earth, which means everyone is responsible. EVERYONE needs to fix it.

Answer #6

CO2 or carbon dioxide is a necessity in the atmosphere. It allows just the right amount of the sun’s energy to remain within the atmosphere. Too much and the great conveyor , which is the worldwide current that carries global temp & oxygen, will collapse because the polar cap has receeded too far and we could end up like Venus which is a CO2 nightmare or the oceans become still and stagnent and all life as we know it ceases to exist. Too little and we will fall into a global snowball or Earthwide iceage.

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