who thinks we're gonaaa die in 2012? i think its a load of crap but i want to hear peoples opinions, comment&follow me :D

Answer #1

I agree with youuu!! I think it was just all those darn tv producers trying to freak everyone out because maybe it would ,make them some cash.

Answer #2

i think it is bogus i mean just because the incas stoped making calenders in 2012 dosent mean the worlds gonna end nawmeen. did anyone ever think that meaby the dude who made the calenders got tired of doing it and stoped?

Answer #3

ha! i totally agree with youu. :)

Answer #4

yes yes :D

Answer #5

i think tht its all really stupid know one knows when were gunna die. all it is is a bunch of scientists comiing up with something to do. i have thought about this alot. One thing i would like to point out is all the little kids tht hear about tjis imagine how scared there gunna b they dont know tht its not true.

Answer #6

So do i

Answer #7

I think it is total crap…scientist say that the Incas also predicted other things that have happened but it think that they just make it fit no matter how far of a stretch it is…..scientist have been grasping straws about the end of the world forever and each time it falls through they pick a new dooms day and run with it…i guess they figure one of these times they might get it right

Answer #8

nah, oprahs retiring.. so everyones gonna go crazy and kill each other, and all the mean while the “cure” for cancer will be developed and then those people will mutate from the cure causin the zombie apocalypse… DUH!! :D

Answer #9

well we all got to die some time but if you do the researht the myan calender doesn’t end on that day it just resets

Answer #10

I don’t by it, Mayan Calenders are like clocks, so it’s like Dec. 23(?), 2012 is midnight and the next day is a start of a new day, no big deal.

True or not, there is no point in worrying about it anyway.

Answer #11


Answer #12

I think it is a bunch of nonsense. People like to get worked up over things and this is just another one of those the world is going to end days. I will be laughing when 2013 hits at everyone who has been getting worked up about it.

I also wish that people would go and read about what the Mayan Calender is and the whole issue behind what is going to happen in 2012 i.e. a calender will be reset.

Answer #13

The Maya calender was not nreffering to the end of the world, but the end of their calender. I swear people should look into something twice before contacting the press. It should be a new law. No what I’m more worried about is that every few million years the sun turns that much closer to the earth. It would mean that in 50 milion years the world will be toast.

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