What are your opinions on the end of the world?

I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently. You know, flooding, global warming etc.. And I just realized how blessed I really am to be here, and that God put me on Earth for a reason. But I was wondering what you all think of the world ending in 2012? Do you think its rubbish? Or true?

Answer #1

The Killuminati is done

Answer #2

It could be true, we must work to correct things. Repent ye while there is yet time.

Answer #3

rubbish… it will end… it might end… but nobody can say it will end in 2012… we were supposed to die in 2008 aswell I think but now its just forggotten

Answer #4

My opinion: I absolutely cannot wait for 2013 just so these questions will stop. I am throwing the biggest rooftop New Year’s party Brooklyn has ever seen, and anyone who mentions the end of the world is going over the side.

Answer #5

it is utter crap, 2012 was a film wasnt it? the world will end when the sun explodes which probz want be for 1000’s of years. so yh, thts ma opinion. :P

Answer #6

I don’t believe it,I know science can apparently detect floods and everything but if that’s then why didn’t they detect the future earthquake in Haiti?

Answer #7

The ‘world’ has been here for some 12 billion years. It just serves as a nice example of how arrogant the average human being is, that they think that the world revolves around them.

Answer #8

I honestly dont believe it. sure the myan calender says it will or whatever and so does the bible. but I dont believe it’ll end in 2012 I believe it will end one day, most likely when no one is expecting it.

just live life like you want to and dont have any regrets.

Answer #9

It’s true, yep absolutely. Everything points to it. So, party down babies, less than 3 years and the long strange trip is over.

Answer #10

I think that only GOD nows when the world is going to end, I could end today right now, tomorow when you are sleeping, Even the angels of GOD don’t now when the world is going to end. Soo just believe in GOD and have faith in him and don’t ever stop believingin him cause he is real. I do believe in GOD even do I am a lesbian and I think I have to change somethings in my life but, Just do as I say you won’t regret having jesus in your life.

Maybe this is not the answer you where specting from someone like me, But I will make people believe and that is true that there is a GOD out there up above us that will come soon. And you now the rest…

Take good care of your self and be a good girl always ATT:Jey

Answer #11

I wonder about that sometimes to . I dont think the world is going to end in 2012 but all of those earthquakes and tsunami thats been happeneing ;;; its kinda scaring me a lildde bit! All I know is that im 14 rite now and if the world does end in 2012 im SOOO GETTING LAID! im not dying a virgin lol! just kiddin

Answer #12

No worries! They said that like 10 different times in the past… oh! 10 years! But I am totally getting some new years next year. No doubt. Haha

Answer #13

the world ending in 2012 is a theory that some people or scientists figured out quite a long time back, I dont really know much history about it, but it was a long time ago, so now that its nearer to 2012 I highly doubt it. this is my opinion, the theory is that the world is meant to end because the sun expands into a red giant, which takes billions of years, so I very much doubt that its going to end for about five billion years.

Answer #14

id also like to add something as well. the world could end absolutely ANY day. nobody knows. theres just that one day that everybody focuses on, yet nobody realises how lucky they are to be alive RIGHT NOW, even I dont realise it, but maybe something big and bad could just happen any day.

Answer #15

Mikeh, I agree 100% with you. but wait till later, the new story will be how the world will end in 2020…ugh now to answer the question, the world better not end in 2012 or else I won’t be finishing my education anytime soon.

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