Why are cars that are good for the environment so expensive?

Ok so you know how a lot of cars are being made to save the earth well if those people want us to save the earth soo bad why are the prices so freakin high on stuff like that??? am I the only one who thinks this?

Answer #1

That makes me mad too. If I could afford it that’s the car I would buy. People just have to start buying them and the prices will go down. But I agree that the prices are waaayyy too high for something that could save this planet.

Answer #2

The only real mechanism the government has to regulate things is to make them more expensive or unavailable. Price controls have always been a disaster because no one is willing to sell anything for less than their cost. What then happens is that business looks for customers elsewhere that are not subject to the price controls.

Answer #3

No, blame the govermant fr this. They make so high because they think that if they made prices low, they wouldn’t get enough income for their families. I know it sounds like crap, but try looking it up; it explains everything.

Answer #4

I dont think cars are being made to save the earth… They’re being made so that you dont have to pay as much for gas every month… It’s all about the cost of gas… not the environment… So car companies are milking it…

Answer #5

everything thats new is going to be expensive. expensive to make, test, produce, ect. think of things like a gameboy. when they came out they were pretty expensive..around $150+. but now after a few years went but, you can get one for around $20!

Answer #6

because the cost of the price to make the car (like the price of milk GAS bread EVERTHING)

Answer #7

I totally agree with you.But you have to go according to the world, the world will not go according to you.

Answer #8

I I agreeo and that why try to save it if you cant let normal pay people offored(sp) it so easly

Answer #9

Gasoline, even at today’s prices, is by far the least expensive way to power a vehicle. The alternatives are quite a bit more expensive and the public isn’t supporting paying higher prices for more environmentally friendly cars & fuel. For example, hydrogen powered cars are roughly three times more costly to operate that regular cars.

This is the big problem the environmental movement has always had–how to get people to pay more than they otherwise have to…

Answer #10

Well because it saves the planet.

Answer #11

Supply and Demand - supply limited / demand low.

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