Solar panals as windows is it possible?

Dont you all think that solar panals made into windows for cars houses and buildings would be the best? It would make almost everything self sufficent… I think it may just be the best idea I’ve ever had

Answer #1

I guess the real question would be is there a way to make translucent solar panels? obviosly they dont exsist yet but shouldent someone look into it?

Answer #2

Solar panels are opaque. It is this property that allows the photovoltaic cells to convert solar energy into electrical energy. Even if there WAS a transparent pane of glass interspersed with photovoltaic cells, it would be horribly inefficient at collecting energy.

Answer #3

yes- solar panels would make poor “windows”- however , the normal way of utilizing solar panels is to mount them on the roof, or a place next to the building that will collect a lot of sunlight.

when I build a house(eventually) I am going to have solar cells and a wind turbine to generate electricity, the technology is here- and I heard that the government will even pay a major portion of the costs to install these alternative energy sources.

I heard as well that some power companies will buy your surplus energy too - if you put up a few wind turbines- so the prospects for efficiency and profitability are very good.

Answer #4

I dont think solar panels are see through

Answer #5

Well the whole idea of a solar panel is to catch sunlight so the energy of the caught light can be used.

So if the panel is going to be efficient, it must catch ALL the light. If all the light is absorbed into the panel, it can’t go through the panel. Since light can’t pass through it, our vision wouldn’t be able to either.

Solar panels might make poor windows, but they could possibly be used as doors, walls, or roofs (if they were a lot more sturdy maybe).

Good question though!

Answer #6

Not reali because then you wouldnt b able 2 see out a window, but if it was clear?

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