What do you think will happen...

What do you think will happen when all of Earths oil is used up. Like with cars…

Answer #1

hmm I believ we will either be walking or bicycling, itd be pretty cool actually but thats just my opinion.

Answer #2

really? horse? lmao,thats a good one.

they would probably finally use solar energy.

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Answer #4

What will happen is that the car manufacturers will develop a combustion engine that uses WATER instead of petrol. Inside the car will be an Electrolytic Cell which, by means of the process of electrolysis, will be able to break down water (H2o) into its constituent elements, hydrogen (H) and Oxygen (o2). These two elements will be in ‘gas’ form and will be kept in separate tanks. The next stage of the process will be to introduce the two gases (Hydrogen and Oxygen) into a combustion chamber where the will ignite and produce the energy to power the car in a similar way to a petrol engine where the motive power is transmitted to the wheels and whoosh - off we go again - the only real difference is that instead of hydrocarbons and all the other nasty stuff that comes out of petrol or diesel vehicles, the exhaust will just be WATER VAPOUR - now how cool is that ! Well, not very cool because the water vapour will initially come out as hot steam, but as soon as it condenses into the atmosphere it will be of no harm whatever to the environment. Furthermore in very hot areas such as desert regions the cars can be fitted with condenser pipes that take the exhausted water vapour straight back to the ‘fuel’ tank for the whole process to recycle the water again. The only downside to this is that these cars will still need a set of spark plugs to function as an ignition system and this will necessitate the use of an electric battery. Furthermore cars will probably have to charge up their batteries at ‘fuel’ stations, which in turn will need some form of primary energy source to provide the electricity required here. It is at this stage ofthe game where we need to replace coal fired power stations by other forms of power, such as wind-power, solar power, or ocean wave power. And perhaps another source of power would be so much of the hot air that too many of our politicians come out with ! Even so I don’t think you need to be worried too much about the future. Whatever happens, by the time this all happens, I’ll probably be living on another planet somewhere else in the universe - so take care and enjoy your life !

Answer #5

Were still trying to think of ways and thanqs to do when we run out. We can use steam and hot water to run cars. But don’t worry cus we wont runn out in our life time…I hope:]

Answer #6

Auto companies will come up with a new source of engine lubricant that works just as well as oil, and probably be able to charge even more for it.

Answer #7

do cars that float need oil?? lol if so I guess were walking.

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