How can you space your teeth at home without a dentist?

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I would imagine you stick something in between the two teeth you want spaced out and gradually make the object bigger for however big you want it, dont try to space it all at once it can leave your teeth hurting and feeling very sore for a couple days, im sure this can be damaging to your teeth and it's best that you do see a dentist so you can get the proper materials for this.

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Warning: Not going to a dentist and proceeding to do this is not recommended, because we don't know what your teeth look like and there are several risks you have to consider that the doctor can tell you.

If you want to continue:
Try using your thumbs so that at least one thumb is concentrated on moving the desired teeth into an opposite direction, if this is not possible, try using a (disinfected) item that is thin enough to get through both teeth (thin metal bar/tube).

Note: It is better to do this in the mornings (before breakfast), because the teeth have not experienced recent use, so they don't tighten as much and stays a bit more loose than normal.

Note: This can actually hurt, because your teeth don't budge really easy, so you're moving them while disrupting many nerves in your gums.

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Why would you want to do that?To look like an old person?Nobody likes somebody with ugly teeth plus it hurts you inside gums.

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You should definitely not do this, it's a bad idea. Other suggestions on here may or not work, but they could also make your teeth more crooked, increase your risk of cavities or infections, and cause other problems that will eventually require professional dental care. You should not put anything but dental floss between your teeth, no matter how clean it is. Someone suggested metal (!) which can damage the enamel on your teeth, making them very sensitive and more prone to cavities and infections. Dentists use special kinds of metal for braces, and they are professionals who know how to put them on and take them off without causing harm to your teeth.

I know braces can be expensive, but you should not attempt to space your own teeth, because you could end up with thousands of dollars in dental bills if something goes wrong. You may have to live with crooked teeth. If your teeth are so crooked that they're squished together, make sure to floss between them at least once a day to prevent food and bacteria from getting stuck in between them and causing cavities or infections. Also brushing after every meal certainly doesn't hurt. This is the best thing you can do, and the only thing you should do.

As an aside, some dentists offer payment plans for regular braces or invisalign. Usually you have to put some money down first, so you might not be able to afford this either. But it's something to look into if you really want straight teeth.

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I don't know how your teeth look or whether you're asking this because you're self-conscious about them. But you can buy whitening strips at most drug stores that are safe to use at home, and really do work. :) If you're feeling self-conscious about your teeth, obviously this wouldn't make them straighter, but it might help you feel better about how they look.

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Actually I have always my whole life had perfect teeth, and now my wisdom teeth are starting to come in and its putting unwanted pressure on my front teeth and making them jar a bit. I didnt know if there was a way that was invented to do itat home

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Most people have their wisdom teeth removed because of this. In many cases, there is no other option- sometimes, your wisdom teeth will continue pushing in on your other teeth until they literally fall out. Do not try to fix this at home! See a dentist ASAP.

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