running a mile.

Im 14 years oldand I just started running a mile everyday lol like 2 days ago. I know a mile actually isnt a lot but I was wonderingif it is for a begginer like me and how much weight I will lose. also I know that after a running a mile everday for a month that ull start wanting to run farther so im not really worried about that kind of stuff now ijust want toget in shape. :) im not the kind of girl who wantsto be super skinny just in my personal bet shape.

Answer #1

You’re on the right “track”. A mile for someone just beginning is great! Most people can’t do more than 1/4 or 1/2 mile when starting out. For the first month, don’t push too hard. After that, you can start increasing it by about another mile every couple of weeks if you want to.

I used to run 12 miles regularly and wore a camel back so I could get enough water. The only reason I didn’t go further was I would start to chaff horibly after that even wearing under armor. Unfortunately, like a lot of runners, my knees got a bit worn out, and so I switched to weight training instead.

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