Running a mile or two

Hi, I love tennis but…I am not really into running laps…at all. Our coach makes us run before practice. Seriously one lap makes me really nauseous. I know to eat bananas for the nausea, but can anyone give me some tips for sucking it up and making these laps slightly less miserable? Thanks!!

Answer #1

I think the best way to get used to run a mile is Start doing skipping (rope-jumping) or simply jumping in your room while listening to some music. It will help building your stamina and you wll really gt used to the exhaustion while you run a mile bfr playin tennis

Even while running just hum the music in your mind or just think about something really gud…believe me this really going to your running atleast less miserable :)

bye and take care

Answer #2

thanks! yes, I know that sounds dumb but I really do always forget to breathe!!

Answer #3

wwjd? ah yes, I believe he was quite the track star…thanks for the AMAZIIING advice (sarcasm, sarcasm)

Answer #4

Try to practice more. It will give you better skill. WWJD?

Answer #5

Try to practice more. It will give you better skill. WWJD?

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