how much weight will you lose if yu run a mile

how much weight will you lose if yu run a mile or a mile and a half every day or every other day? will this lose fat in yur thighs? what exercise loses weight and fat in yur thighs? and what can you do to make yur mind forget that yur running even when yur runnin so that yu can not get tired so fast?

Answer #1

You can lose a good 1-3 pounds per week, but dont just exercise, you have to eat right, too. That plays a big role in losing weight. It also depends on how fast your metabolism is. Running is one of the best things you can do if you are focusing on losing weight in your thighs. When you’re running, try listening to fast-paced music, or counting how many cars are passing you, or how many houses you pass. Good luck! :)

Answer #2

Depends, but you have to run like a min of 20mins at high intensity before it even has an effect on your body weight wise, which should be 2miles+

running works every muscle in your body so you will tone your thighs

but its IMPOSSIBLE to lose fat… its something your genetically predisposed with since birth.

and uhm just try not to think about running, I grab my ipod and just think about life, I don’t even know where I’m running when I am…

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