2 Mile Run on Tuesday

I have a two mile run on Tuesday and I have to beat both of my sisters. They are both in really good shape and I am not. How do I get in better shape within these next few days?

Answer #1

you should of started training earlyer bu just treain really hard and do it ups and stuff and go for long runs so you get uses to it

good luck (:

Answer #2

Sorry to say its a bit too late now:(.. but you can try too run a mile a day until tuesday, do some sit ups, push ups, eat a lot of protein and fiber too keep your energy levels (but moderate amounts of fat and sugar!) and like almost the most important thing: GET enough sleep and eat a good breakfast on the tuesday:D

Answer #3

Get used to pain. I’ve found that a significant factor in mile runs is that people have no motivation, and they can’t take the pain. Even if you feel like your lungs are about to collapse, you have to force yourself to keep going.

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