How do I not run out of breath from jogging a mile slowly?

I jog down my road sometimes and can jog a mile (slowly) but sometimes I barely jump around and I’m out of breath. I think this is because I’m a little overweight but I’m not sure. how do I not run out of breath from stupid things like that? Can anyone help me?

Answer #1

Sometimes I’ll be climbing the stairs and I’ll be somewhat tired. It’s weird because if I run for track, I can go for as long as 6 or 7 miles and feel fine. It’s probably because your heart rate needs time to go up, and once it’s up, it has to stay up. Keep exercising, and you’ll be fine.

Answer #2

no need to job babe take frequent walks around the block I get the same thing happens to me it makes me feel like a fat a$$ but I started WALKING around the block every day no big thing and it really helps ,,, no need to job walking is better for you and help relax the body lol you will be fine

Answer #3

yeah that girls right..jogging isnt that great, walking is a lot better and if you do some everyday you’ll lose the extra weight soon enough!

Answer #4


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