What are some good things to replace paper towels and toilet tissue if I'm trying to be greener and help NOT destroy the environment?

Answer #1

For toilet paper, “The Family Cloth” :-)

“The purpose of the family cloth is to reduce the waste created by toilet paper. The environmentally unfriendly aspects of toilet paper happen before it arrives at your home. Trees are destroyed for the necessary pulp and large amounts of chemicals are used to turn the wood pulp into the soft, fluffy, white tissues we like to use. In addition, those darn packages of t.p. are big and a lot of fuel is burned getting them to their destination. These concerns are causing people to ditch their toilet paper and use a family cloth instead.

Eco-friendly families usually start out trying different cloths. Old t-shirts are the most popular source for family cloth pieces. Using them for a family cloth prevents them from becoming yet another piece of landfill. Cotton t-shirt material is soft and very absorbent. They also receive high ratings from female users because they don’t leave any of that annoying tissue dust after usage.” - http://funadvice.com/r/bhjhca9jbr8

For paper towels, you could simply use hand towels.

Answer #2

Also, there are the “P-Wipes! The Re-useable Toilet Wipe System” - http://funadvice.com/r/14uo4nkq1f3

Answer #3

Do you know a good how to on how to get the grease out of the towels like when I drain the grease off something?

Answer #4

I may be able to help with that, however, I think it would be more appropriate to ask this as a separate question on the question’s board as opposed to getting off topic here. :-)

Answer #5

Ok I did thx :-)

Answer #6

No problem. :-)

Answer #7

I’ve used cloth wipes and cloth napkins since my daughter was born (haven’t bought paper towels in THREE YEARS!). They get used for EVERYTHING…hand wipes, hankies, and “family cloth.” I still use TP for #2 but we use them for both on my daughter, who is almost 3 (she’s been using the potty since 11 months). They get washed in hot water, and once per week, I use a tiny amount of bleach to disinfect them, or if they get a little smelly in the bucket before washing.

I made them out of flannel. They range in size from 5x5” up to 7x7”. I love them.

I use an old tea towel for draining bacon etc.

Answer #8

You can buy the biogratable toilet paper and paper towels. Its recycled paper and breaks down pretty quickly in the sewers or on land. Its really hard to replace those items and be sanitary at the same time.

Answer #9

I had a friend back in high school, his family fancied it dirty to wipe your rear with paper and hand, so they used a spray bottle. Or, you could do it the good old fashioned way & use a rag(personally I couldn’t see myself doing that, I’m way, don’t see my OCD letting me anytime soon, and even if did, it would probably back fire and I’ld use more water than needed to clean those things) To replace paper towels, well, you just don’t buy them. Just use wash clothes, sponges, old towels to wipe things or clean messes. Use dishes in place of using a paper-towel to lay food on. You can also make cloth pads(you’d have to google how). Had a friend in my massage therapy class you uses them. She claims their better than the disposable.

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