trying to go green!

im trying to “go green” by doing simple things in my life like taking shorter showers, and turning off the faucet when I brush, but I really want to try yo increase the number of earth-friendly things I do. Any suggestions?

Answer #1

Recycle Plant trees Unplug your power tools Up the wattage on lights Make it a habit to turn off your computer at night

Answer #2

You are going to have to do a lot to counter what I do.

Answer #3

Good for you! Saving water is one really important step, so whatever you do in that direction is great.

Otherwise, I agree, it can be hard to know where to start. You could cut down on travel (car, plane in particular). Re-cycle as much as possible. Try for less meat in your diet (cattle in particular use up a lot of valuable land and water).

There is an online site, with discussions, special-interest groups and its own newsletter. It’s called Care2 and the address is Why don’t you check it out? You’ll get a lot of tips and support there, and meet new friends as well.

Answer #4

heres quite a few things you can do to help save energy by switching your lightbulbs to ones that use up less power save water, you cann get shower timers to time your shower and you can even get

shower heads that help reduce the ammount of water you use

if you can, walk, ride a bike, ect to school/work

try switching a few products to greener and more enviromentally freindly ones

the amount of bottles that go into landfill each year is astonishing, you can help reduce it by not always buying bottled water, its good to carry around the one bottle and re-fill it

dont throw away electronical things, iof you can, recycle them instead

recycle all your paper and products that can be recycled

try using a green bag when shopping and say no to plastic bags when you dont need them

support local farms and buy there products

try to buy products with as little packaging as possible, the more packaging it has, the more there is at the landfill, ect there are thousands of other ways to go greener as well just do a quick google search and you can find a lot of other helpfull tips

Answer #5

Recycle plastic bottles.. & the cans you use in the kitchen. Unplug your phone charger when its not in use.. Be a vegan/vegetarian!* ,, =]].

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