What is the most important thing a person can do to help the environment?

(what has the most impact on helping the environment - recycling, composting, buying a hybrid car, walking instead of driving, use natural cleaners etc. etc)

Answer #1

Recylcle, and trun water off when not usein and lights off when not useing

Answer #2

Great suggestions!

Answer #3


Answer #4

Grow your own veggies without using pesticides, have a compost pile rather than throwing things out so they can sit in a land fill.

Answer #5

Great suggestions! I’m moving out to the country in two weeks so I can do both of those things! : )

Answer #6

Awesome, that would be so cool.

Answer #7

Try hanging your clothes out to dry instead of putting them in a drying machine. The drying machine is one of the biggest energy consuming home appliances.

Answer #8

Probably the single biggest thing would be to become a vegetarian.

It takes tremendous amounts of energy, water and chemicals to produce meat and industrial scale farms, feed lots, and slaughters produce so much effluent that they overwhelm and pollute nearby ecosystems.

Answer #9

Very nice I like that, I’m a vegetarian :-)

Answer #10

I think that you should do what you can do, like recycle, turn off lights when not using them, make sure that water is all the way off before you walk away and such. Some people try to over do it, but truth is, is that if everybody does little things and do what they can do we can all make the inviorment better.

Answer #11

use less water, recycle , drive less or get an eco friendly care

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