Smog is good!

Smog is helping to slow down the green house affect. Less rays are coming threw toslow global warming. If we were to go all natural we would have less smog causing the global warming to speed up.

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Thanks for in forming me. I am a naturalist too. Im not saying omgomg I love smog its helping us! I just wanted to inform people that if were going to go ALL green that we need to prepare for a change in temperature and that if we do go all green that it will take us a while and the temp. will get hotter and the smog will cover it up. So we dont know how hot it really is.

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ummm forgive me if im wrong, its been a while since I’ve really looked into this sort of thing, but doesnt smog keep in the heat? Like with Venus? Its crazy hot there because of the CO2 and stuff that surrounds the planet, keeping the heat in.

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Smog is bad Dip s h I t and there is no such fu king thing as global warming its all lies. believe me all democrats want is money and power

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Omg if you dont believe all the scientists that brodcasted it on the pbs. Plus the number of degrees is growing.

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That’s a terribly specific number. Unless you provide a source to back this up, we’re going to have to start at the very beginning in explaining what smog is and how it affects the atmosphere. What I suspect is that you are misunderstanding a piece of data that you saw on another site.

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yes but what smog we have is helping. other wise it would be a degree and a half hotter then it is now.

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I don’t disbelieve that you heard a report linking smog and global warming, but you did misunderstand exactly what the connection was.

Smog covers very, very small areas of the planet. Even if smog were to make an entire urban area completely pitch black, blocking out all visible light and all radiation, it would have an infinitesimally small effect on the temperature of the rest of the planet.

Now, after a little research, I am finding a few articles talking about how the smog of developing nations is going to help push the average global temperature higher by a degree and a half, so I’m guessing this is where you got your original data, and somewhere along the line, things got turned around in your head.

But I’ve been wrong before. Could you provide a link to the study that you saw?

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First of all, smog is basically poison pollution. It blocks out sunlight which we need for some vitamin I forget plus less oxygen in the air and carbondioxide is BAD for you to breathe. Why care about global warming if you die of a slow death by your own poison?

Also the Ozone layer stops ultraviolet light coming in, basically the bad sun rays. So if we hop out in a smoggy environment we have no sun light and still have even less ozone layer (pollution destroys it apparently) so all we get is bad sunrays (ultraviolet ight).

You will also notice, that smog comes from chemical reactions, releasing gas (smog) into the air and how they get smog in the air is by making something HOT therefore we are letting heat and poison in the air.

I think…

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Unfortunately, your argument hinges on a basic misunderstanding about how the greenhouse effect operates.

Modern smog is made up almost entirely of pollutions from vehicles and heavy industry, both of which contain enormous amounts of carbon dioxide, and carbon dioxide, as you probably know, is one of the most abundant greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. Reducing smog means reducing the emissions that are causing global warming in the first place.

Furthermore, simply blocking visible light does not mean you are also blocking UV and IR radiation. Holding a piece of paper over your stove burner might mean you can’t see the burner anymore, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to stop the paper from catching fire.

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Remember, cows pollute.

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