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Hi guys, I recently posted a package to Korea worth £160 (clothing : four pairs of pants/jeans) using express mail. The tracking states that item was in Korea showing that it was being revised for customs, the seller had paid custom charges and now has the package but is filing a chargeback on PayPal stating that the package he received was empty. I replied to him and told him that I packed the goods myself so there is no way that the package could have been empty. He changed the reason for claiming now stating that "item is not as described" and that there were only one pair of pants instead of four and that he wants a partial refund for the missing quantity or return the pair for his full money back. I know he has all four pants and I know he is trying to keep the three pairs and return only one to get his full money back. Please help me guys, I don't even think I can win this claim as a seller as I know that PayPal ALWAYS sides with the buyer no matter what! = (

Could it be a legit claim? Is it Possible that someone in customs could have stolen the goods for themselves and sent him only one pair stuffed with bags of rubbish in it?

I'm so confused right now, if you guys could be of any help, I would appreciate it.

I used Parcelforce service btw...

Thank you x

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