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The Drama-filled Life of Tamika Daniels
by Nakita Griffin

Chapter One: Still Depressed

Tamika lay in bed after a long cry. She wanted to call Ricki, who had become very supportive of her the last three days, but couldn't find the strength to do

"Tamika, do you want anything to eat?" asked her dad, walking into her room, and sitting down at the end of her bed.
"Yeah. A burger and fries from McDonald's," said Tamika.
"So, what's got you so upset you haven't went to school in two days?"
"Nothing, Dad. You wouldn't understand," said Tamika, burying her face in her pillows.
"Aww, honey. It hurts that you can't even tell your own dad what's bothering you."
"Dad, can you just get my food?"
"Sure, honey."

He left, and Tamika started to cry again. She hated not telling people, but she just wanted to be left alone. Her mom and sister have tried to get her out of
bed for the past two days, but she refused to move. Since she was betrayed by her only role model, and a girl she thought was her friend, her mom and sister
have tried to get her to go to school, and hang out with Sara, and Ricki, but Tamika just needs space.
A knock interrupted her sobs, and she wiped her face with her hand.
"Come in," said Tamika.
"Hey, I brought you a milk shake from Dairy Queen," said Ricki, handing her the cup.
"Thanks," said Tamika, smiling.
"I came to see how you were doing. Are you okay?"
"No! I still miss them."
"I know, but you're going to have to let them go somehow."
"Look, Ricki! I thought you were coming here to talk, not to tell me to get over what's bothering me!"
"Well, Tamika. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you so upset."
"Just leave! I don't want to hear it! Just get out!"

Ricki walked out, and Tamika got in the shower. When she was done, she felt a little better. She walked downstairs, and her mom walked over.
"Honey, how are you feeling?"
"Okay, thanks!"
"She's even starting to sound like Briasia. That girl has done some damage," said Keisha.
"Shut up! I'm nothing like Briasia," said Tamika, throwing a newspaper in the direction of Keisha's voice.
"Girls! That's enough!" snapped their mom. "Tamika, I know you're upset, but please! Don't fight with her!"
"No one understands! I can fight with whoever I want! She said that I'm acting like Briasia, and I know that I'm not!"

Just then, her dad walked in, and saw Tamika's red face.
"What happened? Why are you so angry?"
"Dominic, it's nothing. Keisha just said something about Briasia that made Tamika upset."
"Well, honey. Here's your food, and try to calm down," he said, patting her on the back.

Tamika wolfed down the food, and then, decided to call Sara.
"Hey! Do you want to hang out?"
"Yes! Where do you want to go?"
"Ummm, to the mall."
"Pick you up in a few," said Sara, and she hung up.

Tamika waited five minutes, and when the doorbell rang, Keisha got up to answer it.
"Sara, what a nice surprise!" she said sarcastically.
"Hello, Keisha. Where is Tamika?"
"She's coming," said Keisha as she helped Tamika down the steps.
"Now, you guys have fun," said Shayla. "Tamika, don't worry too much!"
"Mom! I'm fine!" said Tamika, and she grabbed Sara's arm.

As they got in the car, she turned to face Sara.
"They annoy me sometimes. They act like I can't go out with friends, and be fine."
"What do you mean?"
"I've been depressed, but I'm trying to get better. They think that I'm going to have a breakdown while I'm out with friends. I mean seriously?"
"So, they're a little overprotective?"
"Yes! Just a little, though," said Tamika, smiling.

As they neared the mall, Sara's phone rang, and she pulled it out.
"Hello. Hey, Raychelle. How's everything?"

At the mention of Raychelle's name, Tamika turned away. She didn't want to hear anything that was going on in her life. When Sara hung up, she got out of the
car, and helped Tamika out.
"We're here!"
"So, what did Raychelle say?"
"Oh, nothing. She was just talking about how she's going to the skating rink with her new boyfriend, Taylor Winston."

Tamika turned away, and walked arm in arm with Sara.

Chapter Two: The Breakdown

As they entered the mall, Sara turned to Tamika.
"So, where do you want to go?"
"To shop, duh!"

They went to All Accessories, and picked out shirts and jeans. They went to a black dressing room, and modeled their clothes.
"Oh my gosh, Tamika! You look fabulous."
"Thanks. If I could see you, I would absolutely say the same."

When they paid for their items, and walked out, Tamika's stomach growled.
"I'm hungry. Do you want to get something to eat?"
"Yeah. I haven't eaten in hours."

They walked towards the food court, and Tamika abruptly stopped. She heard Briasia's voice, and she looked around.
"Is there something wrong?"
"No, I'm good," said Tamika, and they continued walking.

Tamika stopped again when she heard the familiar laugh, and this time, she wasn't imagining. It was right behind her, accompanied by Raychelle's high-pitched
"Is Briasia behind me?" asked Tamika in a scared voice.
"Uh, yeah," said Sara.

Tamika turned around, and Sara started talking to them.
"Hey, guys."
"Oh, so I see you have Miss Freakazoid with you," said Raychelle's friend, Sasha.
"Yeah. Hey Tamika! How does it feel to be hurt?" asked Briasia.

Tamika turned away, and thought back to the time when Briasia hurt her. She broke away from the memory as Sara touched her arm.
"Tamika, are you ready to go?"
"No! No! How dare you let them talk about me like that! I can't believe you! And you," she said, turning in the direction of Raychelle's voice, "You guys keep
talking trash about me! I've tried to let you guys go, but I hear so much about you guys! I'm sick and tired of the crap you have put me through!"

Tamika threw her cane and purse on the ground, and started to cry. She reached out for Sara, who hugged her.
"It's going to be okay," she said, patting her on the back.
"Awww, look at the cry baby! What a wimp?" said Briasia, smirking at Tamika.
"That's it!" said Tamika, and lunged for Briasia.

Briasia stepped back, and Raychelle stepped forward. Raychelle pushed Tamika, and Briasia tripped her.
"Stop! Stop! A security guard is coming!" exclaimed Sara.

Briasia started hitting her with bags of shoes, and clothes. Tamika tried to get up, but Raychelle swung a shoe box at her head, and she got up. She grabbed
one of the bags, and threw them on the ground. Briasia grabbed her by the shirt, and started punching her in the face. She felt blood pouring from her nose,
and she grabbed Briasia's arm. Briasia swung, and hit her in the eye.
"What's going on here?" asked a muscular, African-American guy with a security badge on.
"They are beating me up," said Tamika, tears filling her eyes.
"I saw you hit her," he said. "By the way, I'm LeMonte Fields, and Briasia Carter, you're already on police file. Why have you been torturing this girl? Have
you anything to do with your life besides bully innocent teenage girls?"
"She's not innocent," said Raychelle. "She's done some hitting, pushing, and stuff like that."
"Raychelle, I don't want to hear it. How old are you guys?"
"Seventeen," said Briasia.
"Well, act your age. Sara, take this girl home, because she needs to get cleaned up."

Sara walked Tamika home, and into the house. She explained the story to Tamika's mom, and helped her clean her face.

Chapter Three: Sight Regained

Tamika had been blind for only a month now, and she got her miracle dream come true one day. At 6-30 a.m. on April 18, Tamika went to get surgery for her
eyes. She had to get put to sleep, so she didn't feel a thing. When she awoke from a long, dreamless sleep, she opened her eyes, and saw her mother staring
down at her.
"Honey, are you ready to go home?"
"Hey, Mom," said Tamika, recognizing Keisha and Trey sitting in the corner, smiling at her.

They walked out, but not before the doctor said,
"Tamika, you take care of yourself. And don't get into any fights."

When they emerged from the doctor's office, they all hugged her.
"How do you feel?" asked Trey.
"Tired, but glad that I can see again," said Tamika, with a smile on her face.
"Well, stay away from that Briasia girl," said Keisha. "She means you no good."

They went home, and got ready for school. Tamika walked to school, and when Sara saw her, she grabbed her arm.
"Are you okay," said Sara. "You look different."
"Well, I can see again. I went to an opthamologist, and he surgically fixed my eyes."

They walked into the school, and Sara pointed towards the water fountain. Tamika glanced in the direction, and saw Briasia.
"So, you have your sight back?" she said, coming up to Tamika.
"Yeah, so! What's it to you?" snapped Tamika.
"Oh nothing. That means that I can beat you up some more, huh?" said Briasia, smiling.

Sara pulled her away, and they went their separate ways. The teachers congratulated her when she told them she wouldn't need BRAILLE materials anymore. The
kids wanted to know what happened, and how she got her sight back. She felt proud again, but she still felt depressed. When she went to get a drink before
lunch, Ricki stopped her.
"You look sad. Are you okay?"
"No, because I keep thinking about how they played me," said Tamika, starting to cry.

Sara came up, and hugged her. Ricki hugged her next, and as they pulled apart, Briasia walked towards them.
"What's going on? Is Tamika having another episode?"
"Leave her alone! You've got her depressed," said Sara, and they headed to lunch.

Chapter Four: Band

Dr. Leon was slumped in his seat when Tamika walked in.
"Dr. Leon, hi. Are you okay?"
"I'm so glad you can see," he said, changing the subject.
"Yeah, me too. What's wrong?"
"Nothing, Tamika. It's just this whole band thing. I don't think I can lead with all this drama going on with your section."
"You left us last time, and we had to put up with Mr. Jeffreys, who wasn't that good."
"Sorry, but this time, I think I need to leave permanently," he said, looking sad. "As hard as it is, I think this is what I'm going to have to do."

Tamika sat down, and folded her arms.
"Well, it's not the same with out you," she said.
"I know, but there's nothing I can do. I've already talked to Mr. Todd about it, and he said if that's what I really want to do."
"Why? Why did you ask him so soon?"
"Tamika, I just need to move on."

Tamika got up, and got out her drum. The percussion section went on the stage, and played the beginning cadence. They played "End It Now," and Siera added an
"Was that necessary?" Tamika asked, annoyed.
"Yes," said Siera, smiling and nudging Briana.
"Stop being such a smart-mouth. It wasn't necessary, so stop adding stuff, and play the right part."
"Tamika, why are you being so rude to her?" asked Briana. "She just added one little thing."
"Briana, if you must know, she can only add a part when Dr. Leon or I approve."
"Well, why don't you quit being so rude?" said Shawna, and the rest of the section nodded in agreement.
"Was anyone talking to you guys? I was telling Siera something, and I didn't ask for all of you to butt into the conversation. Stay out of it!"

They played "End It Now," and this time, Siera did the right thing. They played "Ghetto Streets," and "Rock Bottom." By the time they were done after practices
and corrections, Tamika dismissed them, and she walked to meet Sara by the flagpole.
"You look upset," she said as Tamika approached her. "How was band?"
"Stupid. I don't want to talk about it," she said, and they walked home.

Chapter Five: "I Don't Need Therapy!"

The next day, Tamika stayed in bed. She refused to get up, and go to school. Her mother told her to get dressed, so she did. She bribed her by saying that if
she didn't have to go to school, she would get up. When she got out of the shower, her mother said to hurry, and that they were going somewhere interesting.
Tamika got in the car, and wondered where they were going. She didn't dare ask, but when they approached the Medical Therapy Center, Tamika froze. She got out
of the car stiffly, and walked in. When she heard her name followed by "needs to see Dr. Lowell," she felt sick. She got up, and walked to another chair
across the room from her mother. When the therapist came out, her mother got up, and shook her hand. They went into a room, which had a desk, and a few
"So, Mrs. Daniels. What seems to be the problem with Tamika?"
"Well, she's had moments where she's been really depressed. Something happened to her a few weeks or so ago that's got her so upset, but I'll let her explain
it to you."
"Mom, can I have you leave the room? I want to talk to your daughter alone."

As her mom left, she looked at Mrs. Lowell. She had a nice smile, pretty brown eyes, and black hair that was pulled back into a ponytail.
"First off, hey. It's a pleasure to meet you. I just want to tell you that I'm not going to disclose this information with anyone. I just want to be the
doctor that you can trust if you can't trust your mom."

Tamika smiled, and felt like she could actually trust this woman. She smiled, and nodded.
"So, what's got you so upset?"

Tamika took a deep breath, and started to tell the story. She began to cry when she got to the part where she found out that Briasia betrayed her for three
years. Mrs. Lowell gave her some Klenex, but kept listening. When she stopped, the only sound in the room was Tamika's sniffling sounds.
"I can see why you're so upset," the therapist said. "You looked up to her, and she betrayed you."
"And I don't know what I did to her to make her hate me! I feel like it's my fault," said Tamika, turning away.
"It's not your fault, honey," said Dr. Lowell, patting her hand. "You did nothing wrong."
"Well, why did she treat me like this! I must have did something."
"Maybe, it's her. She shouldn't have treated you so badly, but that's how some people are in this world," she said, looking up at the ceiling.
"I wish that I could confront her, but every time I try, she won't listen," said Tamika.
"I have an idea. How about this? Would you like it if I brought her here next week, and sat you both down to talk this out?"
"I guess it will work," said Tamika, smiling.
"That's my girl."

They talked about how Tamika felt when Briasia hurt her, and how she still feels.
"I sometimes want to cry, and hug her, and tell her all the things I miss about her."
"You'll have time to do that next week, but hon, our time is up. I hope to see you next week."
"Thanks, Dr. Lowell," Tamika said, smiling and walking out.
When she got home, her mom wanted to know what they talked about, but Tamika told her nothing. She went upstairs to her room, and wrote a letter to Briasia.


Don't be so rude to me. Next week, Dr. Lowell has arranged for you to participate in my therapy session. Yes! I talked about you, because that's why I've
been so depressed. You know what you did hurt, a lot! You know what you did was wrong, because I looked up to you. I don't hate you, but I can't say I like
you either. You know that I looked up to you, and you betray me! I watched you to learn a lot of stuff that I know now, like being a section leader, and how to
play drums. i just can't believe you would do this to me!
I looked at you as my sister, because you taught me a lot. I still look up to you, and I know! It's stupid, but I can't help it that you were there for me when
I needed you. About the cadence thing and that fight we had last year, I'm sorry. I just want you to apologize, because you know that's a long time to play
someone! Three years! At least, you could have told me sooner that you didn't like me. Instead, you kept it from me.
Soon, I hope we can talk this out.
Tamika Daniels

Tamika folded it, and put it underneath her pillow. She went downstairs after a hour nap, and went to dinner. She ate fried chicken, macaroni and cheese,
biscuits, apple juice, and chocolate cake. Her mother came in as she was about to cut her another piece of cake.
"You are one hungry girl," said her mother, smiling.
"Yeah. The food is quite good."
"Thanks, sweetie."

Tamika didn't want to admit to her mother that when she's depressed, she eats a lot more. After she washed the dishes, she went to watch SpongeBob.
"Hey, sis," said Keisha, sitting beside her.
"Hey. How's school?"
"Oh, okay. Just tired of the work."
"Did you have a lot of homework tonight?"
"Yes. Three pages of reading, two pages of math, two language arts pages, and a journal entry about what we wanted to be when we grew up."
"And you said?"
"I wanted to be a singer, or a writer," said Keisha, smiling.
"I didn't know you write," said their mom, walking in.
"Come on. I want to see what you've written," said Tamika, and she followed Keisha to her room.

When they got there, Keisha pulled out two pieces of paper.
"Here," she said, holding them out.

It read:
If I were going through what my sister's going through, I would have ended up beating them two girls up. What I heard from Mom is that these two girls made her
cry, and one of the girls was her role model. I hate when my sister cries, but I've never seen her not go to school, because of something like this.

Tamika put the papers down, and looked at Keisha.
"Why did you write this?"
"I'm going to start keeping a diary," said Keisha, pulling out stacks of more papers.
"Wow! You've written a lot!"

Most of Keisha's diary talked about cute boys, fake people at her school, their mom and dad, and other stuff. Tamika smiled, and told her sister that the paper
was really nice. She then went to get ready for tomorrow, and fell asleep at about ten-thirty.

Chapter Six: The Assembly

The next day, Tamika got up, and stretched. She remembered that she had homework to do, so she hastily did that, and then, got ready for school. She almost
forgot the letter, but grabbed it on her way out. As she approached the school, she saw Sara standing by the flagpole.
"Hey, I need your help."
"Hey, Tamika. What's up?"

Tamika explained about the letter she wrote to Briasia, and how she wanted to put it in her locker.
"Okay! Let's go!" said Sara, pulling Tamika by the arm.

They went into the school, and ran towards Briasia's locker. No one was there, and Sara squeezed Tamika's hand.
"You can do this!" she said.

Tamika took the letter out of her jacket pocket, and slid the letter into the vent.
"There!" Tamika said. "Now, we'll just have to wait and see. Now, let's leave before someone sees."

They walked away, and headed towards the cafeteria. Sara got chocolate pancakes for the both of them, and while Tamika got a milk, she got an apple juice.
"So, what did the letter say anyway?" asked Sara as they sat down.
"How I felt, and stuff."
"So, where were you yesterday?"
"I was too depressed to come to school. If I tell you something, can I trust you not to say anything to anyone?"
"Of course. I've been here for you throughout all of the mess Briasia and Raychelle has put you through."
"Well, I went to therapy. I talked to Dr. Lowell, and we talked about Briasia. She's supposed to come to the next session, so we can talk this out."
"Dr. Lowell was Briasia's therapist," said Sara.
"Really? That's kind of neat, but creepy that I'm seeing her therapist."
"Maybe, she'll tell you what Briasia told her during their therapy sessions."
"Maybe," said Tamika, gulping down the rest of her milk.

Tamika went to class, and during Technology class, Sara passed her a note.
Did you see Briasia today?
No, did you?
I saw her at her locker, reading the letter.
Did she show any emotion?
A huge smile on her face was all I saw.
Smile! Why was she smiling?
I don't know. Mr. Jeffreys is boring me with this Web Quest stuff.
I know! Hey! Did you know that Dr. Leon is quitting director of the band?
What!!!!!!! Why? What happened?
I think it's something with my section, and he's tired of trying to get them to listen. He's tired of all the disrespect he sees.
Darn! That's too bad!
Will you ever join band?
I was thinking about it. I want to play percussion.
I'm always banging on stuff, and I've been taking lessons from my dad.
How long?
Three months. I'm learning the rudiments, and stuff.
That's what makes up most of the songs.
I know! This class is so boring.
I know. When is the bell going to ring?
In about one minute. In History, let's text. My hand's getting cramped.

When they walked out of Tech class, Sara gasped.
"Uh, Tamika. Look." she said, pointing towards a bulletin board.

There, on the board, was five letters, written by Tamika, and above them was a logo that read:
Everyone, look at this!!!!!!!!!

Briasia spotted them, and stormed over.
"So, how do you like my handiwork?" she said, smiling.
"That's not funny. Do you know how serious I am?"
"Tamika, truthfully I could care less. My popularity went from zero to one-hundred since I posted these letters."

A pregnant seventh-grade girl named Christinaja approached her next.
"Yo. I see she don't care about you, but if you ever need to talk, girl! I'm here for you."
"Do I know you?" said Tamika, not trying to sound annoyed.
"In ninth grade, I helped you carry your drum back to the band room after the pep rally for the wrestlers. Ring a bell?" she said.
"Oh yeah! I'll call you."
"Okay. Here's my number," she said, writing the number down. "By the way, if you're wondering about my baby. Well, I'll be having it."
"Are you sure you're ready for this?" asked Sara.
"Yeah. I'm transferring schools at the end of the year. I'm going to a first-class intelligence school."

They walked away, and Tamika walked towards the bathroom, and posted by the water fountain, were three girls, reading the four letters that were exactly like
the other ones. Tamika ran into the bathroom, and cried. Everyone was reading the letters she posted, and she felt like people were laughing and criticizing
how she felt about Briasia. Why did this have to happen, and who could have put up these letters, Tamika thought. She dried her eyes, and walked out, where
Sara hugged her.
"I'm sorry this has happened."
"Who did this!" Tamika exclaimed.
"I don't know, but I bet you Briasia did it."

An announcement came over the loudspeaker to come to the auditorium, and that this was an emergency meeting. Everyone headed there, but Tamika had a feeling
that this wasn't going to end well. She sat by Sara, and Ricki. When everyone was seated, Mr. Todd walked onto the stage, papers in hand, and looked angry.
"Quiet down!" he roared, stamping his foot. "I've seen enough vandalism in one day! Who wrote these papers?"

Tamika suddenly froze, too terrified to move. Sara raised Tamika's hand high in the air, and Tamika quickly put it down.
"Miss Burnstine, or Miss Daniels? Who did it?"

Tamika had no choice. She raised her hand, stood, and walked towards the stage. When she got there, she walked towards the microphone.
"Miss Daniels, I've never had any trouble out of you. What seems to be the problem?"
"I wanted to write the letter to let Briasia know how I felt. I put it in her locker today before breakfast, and I walked out of Tech class to find five
letters on a bulletin board across the hall."
"So, who posted those letters? I found some posted by the boys bathroom, gym, and all around the courtyard, Braille reading room, and Chemistry room doors."

The room fell silent, and Tamika spotted Raychelle pushing Briasia's hand up. Mr. Todd sighed.
"Briasia, did you do it?"
"Yes," she said, coming towards the stage.

Mr. Todd looked stressed as she walked on the stage. She looked at Tamika with hateful eyes.
"Why did you post them letters?"
"Because it was funny to see everyone ask me about it, and me just deny it. I understand that she does look up to me, but I just wanted my popularity back,
"Briasia, it's not funny. You're hurting other people, and especially someone that looked up to you. Don't you have any respect at all?"
"Nope. I don't care about her at all."
"You'll be spending your time after school scraping off the bathroom walls, and throwing them papers away. Did you even read the letter?"
"Yes. I read it, and I could care less."

After the assembly, Tamika walked to her locker, and went to lunch. Sara wanted to sit with her, but Tamika politely told her that she wanted to be alone. She
ate a salad, burger, fries, and water by herself, and when Raychelle passed her, she turned away. She threw her stuff away, and she went to the rest of her
classes. Before Science, the last class of the day, she felt like she was going to cry. So, she headed to the bathroom, and suddenly, she stopped. She walked
into the stall, and saw:
Tamika's a loser. I don't know why she looks up to me, but I can't stand her. So, she needs to leave me alone.

Tamika began to cry, and she stepped outside. She splashed cold water on her face, but she still didn't feel any better. Sara walked in just then, and Tamika
ran to her.
"It's okay. It'll be okay," said Sara, trying to calm her down.
"No one cares! Briasia just wants to hurt me!"
"Well, if you think that, then, if she ever asks you to be friends again, don't go back. We've got to get to Science. You'll be okay."

Chapter Seven: Therapy Session 2: The Confrontation

The next week, Tamika walked into the therapy office, not ready for the confrontation that would be awaiting her when she saw Dr. Lowell. When her name was
called, she got up slowly, and walked towards Dr. Lowell.
"How are you today?" she asked, smiling.
"I'm a little nervous for this. She posted a letter that I wrote to her all around the school, and I felt sick. She only did it for her popularity, as she
says. I believe that she did it to hurt me."
"She's here already, so let's see what she has to say."

When they entered Dr. Lowell's room, Briasia looked up, hatred burning in her eyes.
"You know why she's here, right?"
"Yes," said Briasia.
"Tamika, tell her what you told me last week."

Tamika went into how she felt, while holding back her tears. At the end, when she said she deserves an apology, she started to cry.
"Do you see how hurt she is?" asked Dr. Lowell.
"Yes, I see. I don't care."
"Why not?"
"Because, I never liked her, and I don't care about her. What makes you think I'm going to care and like her now?"
"Did you know that you betrayed her for three years?" asked the therapist.
"Yes, but I didn't know how to tell her."
"Don't even say that! You just kept it from me, because you didn't want to hurt my feelings!" snapped Tamika.
"Tamika, calm down! Briasia, is that true?"
"Yes. I understand she looks up to me and all, but I don't want to have nothing to do with her."
"So, could you at least appologize? I mean, she's hurting, sad, and depressed because of what you did to her."
"No! I don't feel like I need to appologize to her. She took a cadence, and fought me and my friend. Why should I appologize? Maybe she should say sorry to
"It's a cadence. She should apologize because of that?" asked Dr. Lowell.
"Yes. I can't apologize to her. I don't care to."
"So, that's it then? You're going to walk out of here, without saying sorry, without a hug, or anything."
"Look! I don't even know why I'm here! I don't have to be standing here, in this stupid therapy office, looking at her! She's caused so much stuff in my life, I
can't even count. First, I blinded her, and I was hated because of it. Then, I went to a mental hospital, and had to stay for a month. Then, I had to clean
the whole school, because of the stupid letters I posted. Now, you want me to appologize to her. What's going to be next? People telling me that I have to hug
her every day? I think not."
"Briasia, calm down!" snapped Dr. Lowell. "How about you tell Tamika what you would like her to do?"
"Huh?" asked Tamika, confused. "What do you mean?"
"I would like for you to leave me alone!" screamed Briasia. "You've done so much to me!"
"Like you haven't done the same to me! You've lied to me for three years straight! I'm sick and tired of the games, Briasia!"
"How do you think I feel?"
"Girls, calm down!"
"I'm done!" said Tamika, walking out, and slamming the door.

She cried as she walked out, and down the street to Walgreen's. She walked in, and got her three Snickers, an ice-cream soda, and a chocolate-chip cookie. As
she sat outside on the ledge eating, Ricki came up, carrying a newspaper.
"Tamika? What's wrong?" he said, dropping the newspaper, and running towards her.
"I just came from my therapy session with Briasia. Everything she did, plus those letters, were meant to hurt me. It's going to be even harder to move on,
because I trusted her. Why would she do this to me?"

Ricki hugged her, and she jerked back.
"Ricki, please! I just need my space. I'm sorry."
"Okay. I understand," he said, picking up the newspaper. "Can I have a piece of your cookie?"

Tamika broke him a piece, and he left. She walked home, feeling sadder than ever. How dare her role model treat her so badly!

Chapter Eight: Forgiving and Moving On

The next day, Briasia walked up to Tamika, anger in her eyes.
"So, after you walked out last night, she said that I need to have more respect for you! She said that even if I don't like you, or don't want to have nothing
to do with you, I should still stop being so rude during school, and if you ever seem like you need help, she told me to at least offer."
"Yeah, okay," said Tamika, fighting back the urge to hit her. "Why are you talking to me? Briasia, you don't know how hurt I am, do you? Raychelle was right,
you are conceited. You only care about yourself! Well, what if the person you looked up to hurt you just like you're doing me? How would you feel?"
"You know what, Tamika? I wouldn't care, because I never looked up to anyone in my life."
"Well, I still don't see why you hate me so much. What did I do to you?"
"Oh, nothing. You just played our cadence, ruined my popularity status, sent me to a psycho ward, and I had to clean the whole school because of your stupid
"Well, that's all your doing. I didn't send you to a mental hospital, bring your status down, or tell you to post that letter."
"How about this, okay? Forget about me! Lose my number, don't talk to me in school, and just leave me alone! Seriously, Tamika! Why did you look up to me
"Because you taught me how to be a section leader, and how to play drums. You were also like my older sister, which I don't have."
"Well, Tamika. This conversation is over, and I know when you talk about me to your other friends. You're obsessed, that's all to it."
"No, I'm not! Briasia, after everything we used to do together, out of the blue, you decide to crush our friendship. I looked at you as a true friend, and when
you walked out my life, what do you expect me to do? Forget about you in an instant? No, it's not that easy."
"Whatever," said Briasia, and she walked away.

Tamika went to Algebra, and found Sara sitting by herself in a corner.
"Hey, what's wrong?" asked Tamika.
"Nothing. We're cleaning out our desks."
"When I walked in, you seemed sad," said Tamika, opening her desk, and pulling out old Math books. "What's wrong?"
"Mika, I feel bad for you. Briasia's treating you so badly. I saw you two talking out front."
"Oh," said Tamika, looking down. "She says I'm obsessed over her."
"What, no! That's a lie!"
"Yeah. She wants me to forget about her," said Tamika, throwing lead pencil shavings onto the floor. "I told her it's not that easy."
"You know, she's very disrespectful. I wonder if she's ever had someone look up to her."
"Nope," she said, piling books onto the empty desk next to hers. "I told her that she was like my older sister. We used to do stuff together."
"I didn't know that," said Sara, standing up, and walking over to Tamika. "Do you need any help?"
"Yeah, sure," she said, putting a Talking Calculator on top of the books on the opposite desk.

As they finished cleaning out their desks, the bell rang, and they headed to Resource. The Art teacher wasn't there that day.
"Can you believe it?" asked Ricki, catching up with Sara and Tamika by the library. "Only two more days of school left."
"I thought we get out June 1st," said Tamika.
"Nope. One day early," said Sara.

As they entered the library, Sara nudged Tamika.
"It seems like Mrs. White-Hall's in a bad mood," she said, snickering.
"Only when she has her coffee with two extra creams," said Tamika, laughing.

When they sat down, Ricki passed Tamika a note.
Are you okay? From last night, I mean.
Rick, no, okay? We argued again this morning.
How about you just leave her alone?
It's not going to be that easy.
All you have to do is hate her.
I'm not going to hate someone I look up to. How much sense does that make?
A lot! Stop looking up to her.
OMG!!!!! It's not that easy.
You should have forgot about her as soon as you found out she betrayed you.
Ricki!!! Stop making this worse.
I'm sorry. How's your mom?
She's good, and yours?
She's fine. If you want me to help you move on, I could take you to my mom's yoga class.
I don't need yoga!
Okay, okay! Geez! Sorry.
Stop telling me to move on.
At least forgive her for what she did.
What!!!!! You want me to forgive her after she knew that I looked up to her, and she still went and betrayed me!
Well, that's what you have to do to get past this.
Ricki, stop talking about her, gosh!
Sorry. I want to tell you something.
Why do you have to answer like that?
Because you just made me mad.
I said I was sorry.
What is it?
I was wondering if you would um, like to hang out with me this weekend.
Yeah, sure. Where do you want to go?
Do you like Taco Belle?
Would you like to go there to eat on Saturday night?
Um, okay. Is this like a date?

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