Is trump losing support?

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Yes. I believe so. He made a lot of terrible and unpopular decisions and managed to disappoint even those who voted for him.

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Let us do some strange mathematics. At a micro level it would look silly but at a macro level, it could work.
bjp will win in 2019..
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" title="Bjp will win in 2019 ">Bjp will win in 2019</a>

Will the BJP win the Indian elections in 2019? - BJP 2019
Similarly, the 2019 election will also be about the leader. ... We didn't but Pradhan's number clearly said that BJP will win with more than 300 ..
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He have the great support of international society

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Considering the amount of activist movements that have grown since Trump rose to presidency, including craftivism, petition sites such as Global Citizen and Care2, Beautiful Trouble's books on activist strategy particularly in outside protests, international dislike of him, and many other factors, I would say yes.

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