I have a friend that won't support me

So, I’ve been trying to make a difference with plastic and paper bag pollution, but I have a friend that always brings me down and tells me how dumb it is.. Does this mean she’s not a true friend?

Answer #1

It doesn’t make her a bad friend. She probably just doesn’t share your point of view. A lot of friendships are like that. My friends hate scary films, whereas I love them. Just tell your friend that you’re entitled to your own opinion and so is she, and that it’s not a bad thing to disagree about something sometimes. Your friend probably doesn’t think that changing things will make much difference, as a lot of people believe in fate. Also, don’t be afraid to tell her that you are going to do what you feel is necessary and her opinions aren’t going to stop you. Hopefully she will see how important this is to you and will be a bit nicer about it.

Answer #2

I think you should write somthing really convinsing and give it to her and if she doesint lithen to it keep trying. She is mean to the planet.

Answer #3

I agree with captain assassin, shes just ignorant

Answer #4

No it means your friend just doesn’t get it. Just keep it up, you’re doing the right thing, and someday soon everyone will have to think harder about waste. Trust me.

Answer #5

I think your doing something nice :) yet she has a stick up her boottyyy/ most likely yes. stand up to her tell her what your doing is important and if she was a TRUE friend she would support you.

Answer #6

Maybe you should just tell her how it makes you feel. If she cares about you I’m sure she doesn’t want you to feel hurt and she’d probably stop if you told her how it makes you feel.

Answer #7

What makes her a bad friend isn’t that she doesn’t recycle or use cloth bags, it’s that she puts you down.

A good friend wouldn’t call something you were interested in dumb even though she knew it hurt your feelings.

Answer #8

Nope she is not a true friend at all. if I was doing something stupid..say wearing tacky close my friends would just be like…well if you like it you can wear it!

Answer #9

It don’t sound like shes a true friend!

if your trying 2 help the planet shes living on and shes not supportive and thankfull, then well this may sound a bit harsh but scew her!!!

Answer #10

I have the same problem and I dont personally think that it makes a bad friend it just means that thuy dont care as much as you.

Answer #11

she’s probably just trying to play herself off as cool if she’s putting you down… honestly though, it’s way cooler to actually take action for a cause you believe in rather than sit around and snap corny default pics of yourself like she probably does. Just don’t pay attention to it and do your own thing. It’s really awesome to join some type of student environmental program, too. An entire group of people can bring about change a lot more effectively than one, but if you’re up for the challenge start a movement on your own.

And amanda42392, what the hell? she didn’t say she was going to stop pollution, just that she wanted to make a difference. The site’s for advice, not jerks… you’re an ignoramus.

Answer #12

No, it doesn’t make her a bad friend, it only makes her a bad environmentalist

Keep doing what you feel is right, and hopefully, people will be encouraged to do the the same by your example. You can’t force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do - sounds like she has some growing to do yet.

You can’t change the world, you can only change your part in it

Answer #13

I know what you meen I try to recycl but a lot of people say iam wasting time but just think about it your doing something great that will change the world and make it a better place then your friend will relise the error of her ways and try to recycle to,hope I helped

Answer #14

she always brings you down or just this once? ‘because if always, then you should just stop being friends with her. ‘because bad friends who bring you down make you feel bad about yourself and miserable.

Answer #15

don’t worry just tell her/him thats what you like doing and to stay out it.

Answer #16

Keep doing what your doing…if your friend doesn’t agree…just feel sorry for her, because you are doing a good thing in my book.

Answer #17

It just means she’s ignorant and careless…

Answer #18

it sounds like she has a differing opinion, tell her to go p*ss up a rope, shes the dumb one for not recycling and destroying our planet!

Answer #19


Answer #20

your a nerd you cant stop pollution :)

Answer #21

it just means that she doesnt care that 100 years fron now, her kids and their kids will be living in a garbage heap that used to be the earth. a good way to get her to realize that the enviormant crisis is to ask her if she loves animals. if she says yes than ask her what kind. then tell her that if she does not get up off her lazy butt, that in 5 years, that animal will be extinct

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