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How can you been eco friendly? Isnt it really hard to be vegetarian? I was for 6 months and I went insane. How can I be vegetarian and eco friendly with out going insane?

Answer #1

u do not ahve to be a vegetarian to be eco friendly!!! you can do othe things like saving water like when you run a bath plug the hole first and then run the water and also when your brushung your teeth or washing your face? turn the water off and turn it on when you need it! you do not have to be a vegetarian to be eco friendly!! and if we dont eat any of the animals…animals will over populate the earth and there will be a problem!!

Answer #2

-hang up your clothes instead of using the drying machine (saves energy) -take reusable shopping bags to the grocery store with you (plastic bags are bad for the environment)

and just think in the back of your head the 3 everyone say: Reduce Reuse Recycle

Answer #3

You can still consume meat products and be “eco-friendly”. It just depends on where you get your meat, and how much you consume. Buying locally raised, “free range” chicken, beef, etc. is one good habit to get into. It’s although healthier.

Answer #4

what is eco friendly

Answer #5

…im a vegetarian…I must say that I stopped eating meat not because of the environment or ethics…but because I thought it was nasty!…well no I thought pork was nasty. YUK!! never liked turkey, beef followed soon after. ew. chiken was the product of a peta video I saw at a silverstein concert. I mean I had stopped eating it so much just because I would look at what I was eating and feel grossed out…the skin, veins, slimyness…cooked flesh!! ughghghghgughughg…but I still made myself eat it because I thought it was the only way for me to remain healthy O.O but then the I saw the video and that was bye bye chicken for me…so THAT part is ethics. fish…eh…I dunno…with all the pollution? siiike!!! no mercury riddled stuff fer me thank you very much!!

sooo the best way for you to become a vegetarian if you really WANT to…I think you just need to give up one thing at a time since you actually enjoy what you’re eating. One of the biggest mistakes a person can make is to just give it all up on one day without any preparation or planning. start eating less of one, cut it out of your diet, then eventually move to other meats…but don’t forget that you also need to add new foods to your diet to give you the nutrients you need! go to the grocery store and buy some of the foods you wouldnt normally buy and try to cook a vegetarian meal at least once a week!
p.s Boca burgers when pan heated and seasoned w/ a bit of cayenne are BOMB whether you are a vegetarian or not!!

and I mean…”recycle”: while I would discourage the use of plastic bags…they ARE recycable!! sometimes you have to look for somewhere that takes them but they ARE recyclable. and encourage others to waste less as well!, don’t leave lights on in the house, don’t leave the water running, try to carpool/walk to some places or take the bus…shrugs I mean those are basic things but every little bit helps yeah?

Answer #6

well we buy those reusable shopping bags - saves plastic and imma vegetarian and I just eat vegetraian meat and it taste the same

good brands for vegetarian meat is boca, and morning star so try those they are really yummy and they are meat free! (they’re not made wid vegatbles either)

umm if you want other ideas fun mail me!

Answer #7

you dont need to be a vegetarian to be eco friendly. just dont litter,use reusable shopping bags,and if possible ride a bike to school or wherever you need to go,and remember the three r`s REDUCE,REUSE,and RECYCLE

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