Whats the best way to stop the logging industry?

My thoughts is you have to have alternatives if that doesnt exist then stopping the logging industry. Has the potentional to do harm to a massive amount of industry. The possible changes could be adobes plastics and reuse the current wood. Fires can be started by branches that have fallen off trees instead of cutting down trees. The private residents should be aloud to cut down trees but have certain ways for it to be done so it does hurt the ecosystem. Well these are a few ideas I think this is neccessary because trees cant be replaced fast and it hurts entire ecosystems and animals and the less forest the more damage we do to the world as a whole. I just think its also in our best enterest to change our way of living to make a more eco friendly and safer future for the next generation.

So what to you is the best way to stop the logging industry in america?

What would be your plan on how to stop it world wide?

Answer #1

I know the right answer to it HEMP! yeah thats right, 1 acre of hemp = 4.1 acres of trees! spread the word, hemp not trees!! hemp can be used for many things they complain bout not having enough resources on earth, why not add hemp to the food chain. we need to stop being dependent on oil, hemp can make ethanol!

Answer #2

I guess the question should have been how to change the logging industry to a more eco friendly and reduce the how wood we use. Then again I guess I just offered my own solution well for those who are yet to post consider this post for another way of answering the question.

Answer #3

I dont agree with the saying im for logging when I was talking about someones private property I was talking about a residence not a corporation. Im but again you are right there should be a middleground and multyple ideas on how to reduce the use of lumber.

       If lumber cant totally be removed as a use we can atleast limit it to what you said using the stuff that would cause forest fires. The other clearing trees that might cause a forest fire. Im not totally against that you are correct but I am for reducing it to lessen the impact logging and the wood industry has on the forrest. 

If we can replace wood with something renewable or something that doesnt cause a big environmental impact I believe that would be acceptable.

Answer #4

Everything you said, is actually in support of logging. Right now, in Montana, they let hundreds of THOUSANDS of acres burn, and then won’t let the loggers (who actually have been quite enviromentally aware for a long time)…to get there and clean up the fallen trees…All they do is lay there and rot, making tinder for future fires…

I’ve said it a thousands times…there is always a middle ground, but it seems once the loggers quit logging the land bare, the pendulum swung the total other direction, where nothing can be done…it is a renewable resource, and allowing forest fire clean up would provide a lot timber.


Answer #5

Stop building wood frame houses,

Answer #6

As phrannie pointed out, the logging industry has become more environmentally aware, whether through forced laws or their own responsibility. The logging industry in the U.S. is not as big a problem as in other parts of the world where rain forests are being destroyed for the exotic woods or to create farmland. Scientists have noted the temperature increase in certain areas of Indonesia because of the devastation to the rain forests by illegal logging.

There must be a middle ground. Wood is a renewable resource and logging companies now go in and replant the trees removed, and they don’t lay the ground bare. They responsibly select the area and the trees to be cut. I’m sure their are exceptions, but we police the industry far better than it was before.

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