How to lose 10 kg in 13 days...pls help!!!

I'm 20. My height is 168 cm(I'm not sure but I think it equels 5'6) and my weight is 64 kg.(140.8pl). I want to lose weight fast, I got only 13 days to lose weight and I want to lose 8 to 10 kg. What should I do, I really to get rid of my 10 kg!!!

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you can try the 3 day diet it really helps to lose weight so fast :))) good luck

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I want to loose 10 kg in 5months,,im nt that bad all part of my body looks good but I want to loose my weight im doing gym everyday too..

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you can... but it is difficult and unhealthy, just drink water only on the days you can and if you are forced to eat something because of diner etc. eat a salad. and you will lose 10kg. it may sound easy but it is difficult and unhealthy and you will look ill.

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Well all you need to do is go on a diet without any, any carbs, and sugars! Avoid eating rice, potatoes, pasta, macaroni, but if you want to eat any kind of meat or any kind of chicken and any kind of fish. Whatever it's shape is either fried, boiled, it's better to go with boiled if you want to loose more weight.

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I need help I've ben on a diet and exersise plan for a month and lost nothin! im 11 and wiegh 165 school starts next week I wanted 2 at least lose 10-20 lbs pleas help me

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you cant
first off you need to actually know whats acceptable body weight and whats just stupid
10 kilogranms in 13 days is fine if your extreemly overweight or obese
but for a reasonably healthy person its not
its unhealthy and dangerouse
and so much so soon will affect your health and probably stop your period
10 kilograms in a few months (around 3 or more) is a more appropriate goal
weight loos doesnt just happen in a day or a week
it takes a few months of healthy eating and exerscising reguiarly to do it the right way and the healthy way

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Yes, impossible and trying to lose too fast can be dangerous, very dangerous. Safe weight loss is about 1-2 pounds per week. I don't know kilograms very well.

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well my self I weigh 106 ponds and the only way to lose it is if you go to the gym and work it and work out and when you get through eating do not lay around move or it will sit in your belly and it will be much harder to lose all that fat . I know it is easy to gain fat but it is hard to get read of it ...

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Ever since I turned 14 I;ve been trying to lose weight. At that time I was perfectly normal. At that time I was 45 kgs and I was 5'1. now I'm 5'3 and 59 kgs! I think its because of my constant yo yo dieting. what should I do??? any good suggestions for usually I have 2 slices of brownbread with butter and honey.which fills me up for about 2 hours.

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you cant!!!

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If you want to lose weight I think that you should have a healthy diet, and a good fitness routine.

The things that you should keep in mind is you should never eat late because your matabalisim slows down and you only put on some weight.

You should always have a nice and healthy breakfeast becausae it is the most important meal of the day.

Dont forget a bitof exercise try to go for a fastwalk, run or jog everyday for at least an hour.

Dont be silly and not eat not eat anything because you get ill.

Try to drink at least 1litre of water a day

I hope I helped some people!
Good luck and don't let anyone put you down because of your size.

kath x

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Im 14 and I way 62kg. I have been on an extreme diet since nov last year. I only eat fruit and veg because im vegaterian and nothing ha worked for me. please help

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yeah you acyually can loose 10 kgs in a span of 13days.. but its gonna b a tough process.. but you hv 2 continue 2 remain determined thru out... 2 loose 10 kgs.. in 13 days you hv 2 drink maximum 15 glasses of water everyday + 1mile walk twice a day... all d best

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