How do i swallow my pride?

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By sometimes putting the feelings of others before your own

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Think about why it's getting in the way. Are you feeling self-conscious and trying to prove you are right to show you are an authority? Are you afraid to admit you're wrong? Crossing the line from arrogance and pride to confidence and satisfaction isn't easy, but can be very fulfilling. This is a good article on how to get some perspective if that's what's going on...

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The Fine Line: Confidence Without Arrogance | Daily Life
Learning to be confident without overdoing it is a tricky balance. We'll help you understand where the line is so you can be your most confident self yet!
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Put it in your mouth then swallow it. LOL. Just kidding.
I think you should try to put yourself in other shoes first, not only look at the problem from your point of view. When you understand it, you can easily put your pride down for a while.
Anyway it also depends on the problems and the persons involve too. Hope that work well for ya.

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