How do i repair drywall?

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With wetwall! (ba-dum-chhh)

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lol #1. Yes if you need to patch a whole you will need a peice of drywall that is ruffly the same size as the whole. You also will need screws, joint compound, joint tape, two peices of wood about the size of a shim, pencil, two foot level, six inch knife(putty knife), and a few other hand tools depending. First take your level and draw a level box around your whole. Cut that out to make it square. Then measure the whole and cut new drywall peice. It doesn't have to fit tight so if it was 11inches make your cut 10 3/4inches both ways. A quarter inch short both ways. Next, get your peice of wood insert into whole then with drill screw into the drywall so it hugs the wood on both sides. This is the frame you will screw your patch to. If its a big whole you may need more wood to steardy up the patch. Now put your patch on. Don't go crazy with the screws i usually only use four maybe six depending on the size of whole. Tape the cracks with mesh tape it has a sticky side so it makes it easier to apply. Put a coat of compound on covering the tape. Its not going to look pretty but thats ok. Let dry for a whole day or until completely dry. Then get a sanding block and try making the mud as uniform as possible. Don't sand into the tape we want to hide the tape. Repeat process untill its as smooth as can be. Hint: putting wet mud on undried mud is a big nono. Your going to have a slight hump where the tape is. Don't worry when you paint you won't hardly even see it. Remember to prime it first.

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