How do i cure pink eye?

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dont touch it and get prescribed medication

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wash it with water

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Pink eye or conjunctivitis has several variations. I am a nursing student and have almost completed my program. I am not a licensed professional by any means yet so my suggestion will always be to see a physician. Pink eye can be viral and/or bacterial, therefore it may go away on its on or you may need antibiotics. Being that it is highly contagious and you have no way of knowing which it may be then it is wise to see a licensed physician or nurse practitioner. There are many over the counter remedies for pink eye these days but only for the viral form of pink eye and rarely do they work. Sometimes taking these medications for a week will "mask" the infection and then it will return because it was bacterial to begin with. There are other cases where what one thinks is pink eye actually sees a physician and determines that it is actually an allergic reaction to something or it could even be MSRA or a staff infection. Germx, Germx, Germx, wash hands frequently, spray doors knobs and areas that you have touched with Lysol and wash all pillow cases, wash cloths etc that you may have come in contact with and head to the doctor. The modern world has physicians on demand now so you may even be able to see them online and not have the embarrassment of going to the office. The faster it is treated, the faster it will go away. Pink eye can get really bad really fast and its your vision...make it a priority. Hope this helps!

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