Honey bees are they going extinct?

Arnt honey bees goneing extinct cus I saw a commerical saying they were

Answer #1

no it wasnt a preview for the happing

Answer #2

Jesus Is Comming Back Because Of Bees? Hah. Thats Wonderful. x] 2012 Is Coming Pretty Soon. That Could Be Why? The Virus Kills Them. We Get Super-Mega Non-Destructible Robot Bees In 2013. :D Sorry Im Hocked Up On Monster.. ._.

Answer #3

That is a myth just like man-made global warming, They might have had a higher rate of death over the past year but this is just retarded, you people really need to get outside more. I dare you to walk a mile and see if you can’t find 3 beehives, no matter what there are enough bees and enough genetic diversity among them that they won’t all die. If there is a virus then the queen and drone bees that are resistant will pass on their genes and then they will all be resistant so we have nothing to worry about. Nature has it’s backup systems too, remember that nature is smarter than we give it credit for.

Answer #4

I hope so…they are evil little turds.

Answer #5

theresadifferencebetweenageandwi therer actually was a virus. look at all my other comments, they have a tendency to be factual…

Answer #6

this is no virus there is no explanation cause there are no dead bee bodies.they are litterally dissapearing. I think because of rise in atmospheric temp and change in the climate.

Answer #7

there was a Bee virus last year in britain, that caused a huge number of them to die. and it will take some years for it to recover probably, in addition to that, climate changes and environmental issues must be playing a part…

Answer #8

ya. for some odd reason they are just dissapearing and dying and no one knows why. I believe its a sign that Jesus is coming back. just like the weird floods and earthquakes that have been happening lately.

Answer #9

Cell phone towers are thought to be a possible cause, as they interfere with the bees’ ability to navigate. Also, genetically modified corn along with previously mentioned viruses, are literally wiping out bee populations across the world. In North America, there was an explosive mite population a couple years ago that was causing major problems for beekeepers.

I’m not big on alarmist hype, but this is one of the scarier prospects. If bee populations die off completely, it will have a huge impact on food production and on the environment overall.

Some efforts are being made to restore habitats that bee populations will thrive in. Hopefully they continue, otherwise we will be in a crisis.

Answer #10

ya its pretty odd hmmm intresting?

Answer #11

maybe the commercial you saw was a preview for the movie the happening?

Answer #12

roflmao… bees dying is supposedly a result of Jesus coming back huh? xD

Its just a virus thats spreading…

Answer #13

ya if all the honey bees dieits gona suk cus every thing that depends on honey is gona die or stop bein made :(

Answer #14


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