People should be more careful with the enviorment?

Who else agrees that people should be more careful with the enviorment?

Answer #1

I agree. One day the worlds going to come to an end becasue of peoples miss use of its natural things and then what can you do then?! Nothing, we all die

Answer #2

I agree. people don’t realise how important the environment is for their survival

Answer #3

I agree.

Answer #4

Environment and many other aspects of their lives

Answer #5

I agree

Answer #6

Of course! with what we are all doing, it is hard to change all your living habits, but changing some and alerting people about it can save our environment one step at a time. GO GREEN :D

Answer #7

agree, but its never going to happen.. to many barbies out here now that need their beauty supplys ; )

Answer #8

global warming is hoax if you do the research ull soon find out that it really is a hoax. they mentioned this years ago to they can put a carbon tax on people so they can make more money. if you look at the global warming charts ull see that there has been a gradual decrease in earths co2 levels. let me tell you why they did this. one is of course to make more money. they use scare tactics to get people into submission. an example of a scare tactic would be. lets say someone told your parents you were going to die unless you gave them $10,000. your parents would be more than willing to give those $10,000. its the same thing the government does. its the same thing with the drug war, which is a war on its own people. “One of the traditional and obvious ways of controlling people in every society, whether it’s a military dictatorship or a democracy, is to frighten them. If people are frightened, they’ll be willing to cede authority to their superiors who will protect them…The Drug War is an effort to stimulate fear of danger people from whom we have to protect ourselves. It is also a direct form of control of what are called the ‘dangerous classes,’ those superfluous people who don’t really have a function contributing to profit-making and wealth. They have to be somehow taken care of.” -Noam Chomsky (1988)

Answer #9

i is a herpetologist in training and it kills me to see how many interesting and wonderful creatures have disapeared over the years.;~(

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