Why in God's name would anyone wear daisy duke shorts and snow boots in the summer!?

Omg. Sometimes i just want to slap some people across the face and yell ‘’WTF!’’ lol. Here i’m driving down the street and i see 4 girls all wearing shorts that are so short i can see their butts! And they are wearing tank tops and SNOW BOOTS! Like actual snow boots. It’s 110 outside!! It feels like hell it’s so hot. And to top it off they have knee high socks under their boots. I mean,really WTF x10!? –Please help me understand why people are doing this? This isn’t the first time i have seen people do this lmao.

Answer #1

They call it “fashion”…unfortunately nobody told these girls that their fashion is a huge faux pas.

Answer #2

Faux pas? I’m sorry,i’m not sure what that means. –and what idiot decided to make that fashion? What morons!

Answer #3

Faux pas = social blunder, indescretion

Answer #4

My God. I’m wearing strapless zebra print dress with flip flops and i;m dying

Answer #5

:3 kai

Answer #6

Daisy dukes + Furry boots = Contradiction? Now I do have friends who do it. I personally think it’s retarded, seems like all the foot sweat would cause some stank or a fungus.

Answer #7

LOL! i was thinking about that,i wonder how bad their feet smell with the boots and omg i just can’t beleive how stupid that ‘’fashion’’ looks.

Answer #8

I feel ya, I was wearing a decently thin/lightweight long sleeve button down today with the sleeves rolled up above my elbows and shorts and was dying. I sometimes wish I could just walk around naked but I think I’d probably get arrested.

Answer #9

lmao. Yeah,that’s be awesome. But in my case if i tried to walk around naked because of the heat,well i’d get r@ped. —Argh. I HATE the summer. So much. I hate the heat. I love it when it’s fall time. When it’s nice and cool and all the different colored leaves.. awh.. But no,it has to be 110* :( Grrr. —What state are you in and what’s the hottest it’s been latly? =]

Answer #10

Alabama and I’m not sure the hottest it’s been but I think it got about 102 one day and the humidity makes it feel even worse. Where do you live where it’s been 110 :O that’s insane. And also I agree on the fall thing I have a theory about the seasons that makes fall seem quite depressing, I get all philosophical on it, but I do enjoy the weather ^.^

Answer #11

OO! ohmygod do you totally have a southern accent!? <3 —-I live in utah. The worst place ever! –I watched on the news the other day and it said it’s been 110. So yeah. i think i’ma die! :( Erg. –Well yeah fall does seem deppressing cause of the cold and it’s useally not as sunny but i hate the sun. I like rainy days ^^ when its all dark and pretty<3 —what’s your theory about fall lol?

Answer #12

Ahh well my whole theory of fall is that fall is the approaching death of nature, the colors on the trees change like the wrinkles of the hands of an old woman, the leaves fall like the hair from an old man’s head. The air becomes cold and drafty like that of a retirement home, and then with winter the body of earth becomes cold and jagged hardened with an icy rigormortis and so is the end, but it’s all good because it’s reborn with spring. I basically interjected that with the human existence in a poem I once wrote and so became my philosophy.. And I agree I almost enjoy the sweet melancholy fall nights, it’s like the Earth gaining wisdom with it’s older age haha or maybe nature not just earth and of course hearing the earth cry and moan with the booms of thunder almost makes me feel normal, it’s like the whole world knows just as much pain as everything that inhabits it.

Answer #13

that’s a cool way of looking at it ^_^ and it was written like a poem. Cool beans :)

Answer #14

Well I’m a self proclaimed writer haha, so I just sometimes wander off into this tangent of poetic speech, don’t ask me why it just happens.

Answer #15

haha i do the same thing. I write poems all the time. I’ll be at walmart or something and start thinking up something poetic. :P And i heart writting<3

Answer #16

Haha I feel you I do the same thing. I go for long walks all the time and it seems like poetry will start just running through my head about things I see or thoughts I have, like today at work (I work at a pizza place) I was rapping out things going on and my coworkers were all laughing and started joining in, my manager got mad but I have to do something to keep from losing my mind haha. And writing is awesome it’s one of the few things keeping me sane!

Answer #17

Right on ^^ —Omg that reminds me,i was at Wendy’s last night with some friends and someone in the kitchen started singing. I was laughing and just like ‘’wtf?” :P –^^ writting is like one of my favy things to do. I write songs and poems and books<3 I just luv it. It’s a great way to express myself

Answer #18

Ahhh and expression is one of our greatest gifts. And yeah I bust out them vocals at work it helps pass the time haha I don’t blame the Wendy’s dude.

Answer #19

Its pretty funny when people do the same just opposite too…they will be wearing a wool coat & a scarf but wear slip in’s with no socks in the snow…like what are some people thinking?!

Answer #20

They do that because they think they look hot and cute but to me they look stupid cause their feet smell soo bad at the end of the day. I have seen girls wear this “fashion” in the winter and they wonder why they are so cold!!!!

Answer #21

Aha. Maybe they find sweating a good thing in fashon today? I was walking down the street today, and saw a girl just my age wearing short shorts, a long sleeve shirt and snow boots. Now what in the world would you have to be thinking to wear that in 101 dagree weather?

Answer #22

lol i thought it was fun :P

Answer #23

Lmao wow

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