What about the high protein low carb diet?

im not fat, but im not that skinny either. i’d like to lose about 10lbs and i was wondering if a high protein low carb diet. plus exercise would be good? what your thoughts?

Answer #1

Any diet that limits the quantity and/or variety of foods leads to weight loss. For weight loss almost any diet works if you stick with it. Most people get plenty of protein but do not get enough whole grains, vegetables, and fruit. For a lot of people high protein diets lead to eating even fewer whole grains, vegetables, and fruit so they can be a step in the wrong direction. I was in the same boat growing up. I wasn’t fat but I wasn’t athletic looking either even though I did track and field; most people would say that I could loose 10 lbs. Anyway, if you want to look and feel your best you should adopt a healthier lifestyle instead of trying fad diets. Get enough rest, eat a healthy diet, and get a healthy amount of exercise and you will be at your best.

Answer #2

This is what i recomand:

  1. Protein shakes- get a chocolate one and have it within the first half hour of waking up so its burned out throughout the day. i recomand “Lean body” because out of all the ones iv tried its the only one that tastes good and i love it. i use it to get rid of the bit of flab on my stomach by building muscle there.
  2. Water- drink tonssssssssss of water even if you dont feel like it. it will keep you full, get rid of cravings, and make food go down faster and from lingering in your body.have a sip of water after every few bites to make you full faster or even chug a glass before you eat to also make you full faster.
  3. stairs- when you go up the stairs go back down and go back up again. you’ll burn double the calories and it will add up trust me.
  4. Cravings- when you get one eat fruit or drink water. fruit is sooooo good for you and if you eat that instead of munchies all the time you will 100% see a differnece sooner then you think
  5. Juice- cut it out completly! you will cut out so much sugar that turns to fat that its amazing! look it up it makes a huge difference!
  6. stand dont sit- the more uncomfterble you feel the better it is for you. little things like standing then sitting makes a differnece eventually.
  7. Green tea- if you have 1 green tea once a day you will loose 7 pounds after one year. but dont add sugar to it.

These little things make huge differences trust me. good luck!

Answer #3

It’s actually not true that the more uncomfortable you feel, the better it is for you. Exercising doesn’t have to be horribly uncomfortable- no pain no gain is a complete myth…and standing instead of sitting won’t make much of a difference in the long run.

Answer #4

Fad diets are silly in my opinion. You need both protein and carbs to keep you going. Instead of some celebrity approved diet, why don’t you try cutting out sugary drinks, eating 6 small meals instead of 3 big ones (with foods from all the food groups) and exercising. Just make your body healthy and your weight will take care of itself. And if you can’t get those 10 pounds off even after eating well and exercising, then maybe those 10 pounds are supposed to be there.

Answer #5

High protein diet mixed with low carbs is a nice way of cutting fat since you’re forcing the body to break down protein which takes more energy than carbs, though don’t stick to it forever.

With this diet, it’s important to know how much carbs and protein your body needs to function, and how much you need to cut out in order to see the result. You should make your diet so that at least 40-50% is protein and 30-40% is carbs with the remaining 20-30% fats. Why keep fats pretty high? Because since you’re increasing protein intake and decreasing carb intake, you need to increase the fat intake to maintain a healthy body function. By using protein and fat as fuel instead of the easily digested carbs, you’ll burn more fat.

Keep in mind though, you want most of the carbs to be slow-digesting or complex since this helps you feel fuller most complex carbs are high in fiber, meaning that it converts into a digestive enzyme that helps digest proteins faster and keep bowel movements regular. Otherwise, that high protein diet with few fiber leads to constipation. The fats you should be eating should be 1-2% saturated and the rest should be unsaturated. This will help burn the saturated fats so you don’t pack on more fat.

If you keep to a diet with those guidelines, you shouldn’t need to train for hours and hours in the gym, since diet is 70% of the result. Oh, and to keep muscle mass while losing weight, try to lose 1-2 pounds a week, which means you can reach your goal in about 5-6 weeks with a good diet.

Answer #6

its ok if u want to build up mass nd xcrsise alot

Answer #7

im nnot sayn it has to be horribly uncomfterble. just alittle bit of a challenge. challengingg urself abit is wat looses weight cuz ur bodys not use to it so u burn more calories.

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