Vegetarian is a High Fat Diet

I’m a vegetarian and vegetarians require a lot of fatty foods to keep up their protein such as nuts and tofu. What other vegetarian foods are high in fat and what low-fat products can I eat as an alternative?

Answer #1

There is protein in almost all plant foods. it really isn’t necessary to eat high fat foods to get your protein.

Vegetarian diets can be low fat or high fat depending on your food choices.

If you want more information about low fat vegetarian diets look at Dr McDougall’s website. He does sell books, foods, and retreats but he also gives enough informaiton on his website to follow his plan without buying anything. You seem to have some misconceptions about protein so it would be good for you to see what he says. Dr. McDougall does answer email though the times I emailed him it did take several days for him to get back to me.

Answer #2

spinach has a lot of protein and it is very low calorie

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