Has spicer quit?

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After announcing his resignation as White House press secretary in July, Sean Spicer has landed a new job. Like so many former lawmakers ...

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Today, every business is data-driven. Are you ready with an automated workflow to take advantage of the enormous data your business is generating? Several businesses are already ahead of their competitors by implementing the best construction management software suitable for their organisation.

The construction industry is diverse with several verticals. The key areas that operate in the construction industry are civil engineering, carpentry, tunnel work, roofing, bridge construction, scaffolding, industrial furnace construction, structural work, general construction etc.
Futuristic designs lead to more specialised construction departments such as green building solutions, prefabricated 3D components etc. Construction work isn’t final till all the finishing work is done. To provide necessary finishing to the constructed buildings, services required can be ventilation, floor and tile work, gas and water lines, interior decoration and more.
The various verticals of the construction industry add to the complexity of the operations. An automated ERP platform can make it easier to manage business processes. Let’s understand why your business may need an ERP to grow.
Why choose ERP for construction?
ERP software for construction is specially designed with construction-specific features. There are several ERP platforms but they can be generic or specific. Among the specific ones is the software developed keeping the construction industry functions in view.
For flexibility of ERP investors, the specialised software comes with a blend of standard features with specialised features. Companies get the freedom to choose the specialised functionalities as required in the form of modules. The modules for construction ERP can be Supply Chain Management (SCM), Project Management, Vendor Management, Plant & Machinery, CRM& Tendering etc.

Digital Transformation Will Enhance Operations

No doubt, simplified processes are needed to reach business goals. And digital transformation is essential if you want to scale up in the construction industry. Take a look at the insights and recommendations from any recent research report on operations. Streamlining workflows with an ERP not only improved productivity for businesses but also led to increased cost savings and happier stakeholders.
Let’s take the case of OMNI ERP for construction. OMNI ERP is a SaaS solution being used by leading construction companies such as L&T, Tata, Kalpataru, Man Realty and many others. Because OMNI is a web-based application hosted on a cloud, companies can manage globally-dispersed projects in real-time using computers as well as mobile devices.

Another thing is, you may be struggling with silo-ed data. Providing your employees with centralised data access through a single system is beneficial in many ways. One of the advantages is dealing with the issue of data duplication in the company. Data is constantly exchanged between cross-functional teams. Here, the problem is the same data gets stored in multiple systems and consumes your precious storage.
With centralised data access, you can eliminate the need for investing in additional storage for storing duplicate data. Your team doesn’t need to download and store data in various systems. Every piece of information can be conveniently accessed by authorised users from a single ERP platform.

Investing in an ERP for construction
Any investment to upgrade technology not only requires a sufficient budget but also time and effort from the investor’s team. As per recent research findings, the volume of construction globally is set to take a leap of 85% by 2030. Your business can buckle up withERP software for Contractors. India, China and the U.S. will account for 57% of worldwide growth in construction. For construction companies to take advantage of this opportunity, sufficient technology upgrades will be needed.
So, should you invest in an ERP? Investing in an integrated ERP software will definitely require an investment. But the efficiency and scalability that an ERP brings to your business processes can translate to a justifiable ROI in terms of profitability as well as productivity in the long term.
Here’s another thing to note. While your competitor is already benefitting from automated systems, you don’t want to wait and look for the right moment? What I mean is not to go for a hasty ERP implementation but to consider an ERP solution. Then, take enough time to assess your requirement and plan the ERP that’s in line with your workflows.
What if you do not need all the features offered by an ERP provider? Well, you don’t have to invest in an ERP with every feature that’s available in the market. Every business has different needs. As mentioned earlier, you can discuss your needs with the ERP provider and select only the modules as well as customisations relevant to your business.
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