How do I know when to get new windshield wipers?

Somebody gave me a car about a year ago and the windshield wipers make the stupidest squeaky noise when they’re turned on, plus they don’t really clear up the rain, they just smear it around for a while and make it really hard to see out. My mom says she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with them, but I dunno. Would new windshield wipers probably fix this crap?

Answer #1

Possible that new wipers will help. In some wipers, you can just exchange the rubber lip (which is cheaper). But buying new wipers isn’t too expensive either and will also fix rusty mechanics in the wiper arms.

But if the front window is not 100% even anymore (which happens as flying dust will be like sandpaper on a fast cars front window) the exchanging of the wiper will not help. In this case you should clean the window thoroughly and apply a glass sealing. You ask for those in any car parts shop or in a home depot. It’s a liquid that will need to be polished in… Just read the instructions on the package or ask the people who sell it. I used one on my 9 yr old cars windshield and afterwards the dirt and rain just rolled down the glass.

Answer #2

Wipers do wear out. Sounds like you need some new ones. They are not really that expensive, about 15 or 20 bucks. I like the ones that are really bent into a half circle while still in the package because after installed, they really hug the windshield and do a good job. Most auto parts stores will put em on for you in the parking lot for free as company policy. It’s a safety issue.

Answer #3

There’s one time we always remember to change our wipers - when it starts to rain. Unfortunately that’s the worst time to tackle such an easy job. The next 10 minutes of your time, outside in the dry, sunny weather, should be spent replacing your windshield wipers, so check out these easy steps.

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