How much honda accord?

How much will it coast me to get front bumper for 98 accord with paint job done and installation? Just need to replace my front bumper for car and would like to know how much will it coast me

Answer #1

usually, it costs $400 to $500. It depends on what type of bumper you choose.

Answer #2

depends on the junkyard and the replacement parts condition. like clawjaw said get the part at a junkyard or on craigslist, about $40 bucks for one in decent shape. And then a can of spraypaint is about $3.

Answer #3

by a professional id say around the £300 mark

id go to a scrappy to get the bumper and fit and spray it myself… spray then fit I should say

Answer #4

thats nice but what about in us dollars?

Answer #5

Probably $500 for the bumper and a bit more to get it installed. $700? A junk yard might charge you $50ish but then the paint job will still be a lot. Look around a bit too; don’t get a cheap paint job that will look like house paint and flake right off.

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