How hard is it really to change the color of my car?

I heard i have to go through an entire registration process.

Answer #1

If youre willing to spend the cash, not hard at all.

Answer #2

well what would i have to do?

Answer #3

i definetly read this cat. i was so confused. but probably just go to a car place and ask if they do paint jobs! most of them probably don’t and if not. they can direct you. (:

Answer #4

You can spray your car yourself, but the paint would set you back a few hundreds dollars. You either purchase the sprayer or hire the spray for a hardware or auto shop. To get a car full sprayed all over via at panel beaters, you are looking at $3000 (in Oz currency).

Answer #5

all you do in the uk is this.. [see pic] just put the cars new details into teh log book and send it back to DVLA. i think you call it a pink slip, a pink slip? anyway yeah thats all we do

Answer #6

Its sorta a pain. i did it and the body shop i went to didn’t do behind the weather stripping, didn’t get in my door jams good. went over my locks. so you better somewhat prep it yourself or tell them what you want if you want it done well. It took me forever to fix all the crap they messed up.

Answer #7

Go to a body shop, or somebody that paints cars…leave it there…and go pick it up after they are through painting it.

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