Who killed the electric car?

Have you seen that movie.It’s a shame that oil industries killed the electric car I hope somebody will make the electric car again, I wouldn’t mind if another country like Canada or china make the electrical, if they made that car again people wouldn’t have to buy gas and that would be good for the economy what do you think? I want an electric car.

Answer #1

what are you talking about???

Answer #2

you didn’t know about electric cars.there were electric cars in California, who ran without gas, but Bush administration and oil companies were against electric cars and they banned this protect and destroys these cars.

Answer #3

The electric car exists but it is expensive and is hard to find they think it is to weak for an American lifestyle but are currently worker on solar and nucleur powered cars.

Answer #4

The electric cars are not dead. My guess is the older all electric car in which you are speaking has been discontinued, most likely because of the battery disposal issue. One of the biggest issues with electric cars is the disposal of the batteries that contain lead and other heavy metals. The push for environmental safety has slowed their progress. Science, most major car makers and other companies are injecting millions if not billions into new technology for batteries. Please do not just situations without good knowledge.

Answer #5

Last I heard on electric cars is the batteries where the problem. Not only disposal but they just don’t hold enough juice to be practical and they are big and bulky (like there goes your trunk). And the electric cars had a lacking of power. Just no getup and go. People didn’t want to buy them because of that. So a new way to power electric cars needs to be used or more efficient battery types.. But it really doesn’t solve many other problems because the energy to generate the electricity has to come from somewhere - and we don’t exactly use reusable, clean sources for that for the most part.

Answer #6

There was a pretty good documentary about this called “Who killed the electric car.” It went into detail about everyone’s role in the killing.

Answer #7

Lots of people want electric cars. The GM EV1 was so popular that it presented a problem for GM. GM was trying to convince congress that nobody would buy electric cars while at the same time folks were leasing the EV1 as fast as GM could make them. Since GM didn’t sell the EV1 but only leased it they were able to take back every EV1 on the road; a few were disabled and sent to museums and all the rest were crushed. Then it was easier for GM to make the case the motorists didn’t want electric cars. Currently (pun intended) batteries can hold enough juice for the vast majority of trips. Electrical power plants are more efficient than automobile engines so even after accounting for transmission losses the carbon footprint for an electric car is less than for a gasoline car even if the electricity is produced by a coal power plant. Plug in hybrids are probably the best technology now. They can run as all-electric vehicles for short trips and have a gasoline engine available for the unexpected or occasional trip outside its electric range. There are so many technologies being developed to improve electric and hybrid vehicles I expect them to supplant gasoline-only cars in a decade.

Answer #8

I didn’t know about the GM thing. And I guess my information is more out of date then I thought.

Answer #9

We have quite a few in New Zealand. It’s just annoying for people because you have to put it on charge all the time. People like to stick with what they know- people don’t like change :S

Answer #10

The major disadvantage of battery-powered cars is the time required to recharge the batteries. Another disadvantage of electric car batteries is their weight. Due to technological revolution we can already imagine us driving not only solar-powered car, but also ocean energy-powered, oil or natural gas-powered and even nuclear-powered car. If you are interested in buying a new car then visit tatasafari.org

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