What are some fundamental basic things I should know about cars?

I feel like when anyone talks about them I know absolutely NOTHING. I haven’t really grown up with this kind of knowledge, but I feel like when someone talks about it I’m like “Where in the WORLD did they learn this stuff??” Hmm.. Parents maybe? Well not me. If you can help me out here than thanx a ton!!! =D

Answer #1

How to change a tire/rotate tires. Change oil. check fluids such as wiper fluid and such. How to tighten bolts

Answer #2

lol, no I mean, like can you tell me about it? how is it done? Some random terms maybe? You know, the stuff that’s probably obvious. Well… not to me…

Answer #3

Oh, haha it’s a bit hard to teach over the internet. You could probably ask your dad or brother or a friend.

Answer #4

Oh, ok. Well thanks for trying =)

Answer #5

How to use a car jack. How to check the radiator for leaks and over heating (if your radiator has overheated please don’t open it. My cousin (who’s 26 and married XD) had an overheated radiator opened the lid and the water shot out like a huge geyser). How to check your oil. What type of multigrain oil your car requires (this refers to the viscosity of the oil. In colder temperatures you want a very viscous oil and vice versa). How to check and change your air filter. How to check and change your radiator fluid (this includes flushing the whole system. Details for doing this will be included on your anti-freeze bottle). Hope I helped :)

Answer #6

they need gas and oil..

Answer #7

Check tire pressures regularly.

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