Global warming, Hoax?

Alright, mostly the media and people portray “Global warming” as our fault. Also you have political stands where they stretch they truth so far you forget what it really is. I honestly don’t think so, I can’t really remember what my uncle said but he’s a weatherman and said that the more carbon dioxide means higher temperatures, sure we are a contributor to the carbon dioxide. But we’re not all the main reason. This year it’s supposed to be very cold, coldest in years. This year we don’t have a high rate of carbon dioxide which obviously means colder temperatures.

Feel free to tell me if I am wrong. I’m sure one person will.

Answer #1

I’m sorry, it is far more politically and financially correct position to assume a global warming stance. I have no doubt that we are minute contributors, but this earth has been going through Ice Ages and warming cycles for millennium. It is great to jump onto the global warming bandwagon and make tons of money out of the grants and jobs sprung from it.

Real climatologists, not weathermen or other scientists have issue with it as well.

Al Gore even admitted he stretched the truth in his film, and everyone accepted that as ok, because Global Warming and Man’s causation is acceptable at this point.

I certainly don’t think we need to go burn up every coal fired operation we can at this point, but this planet has been around along time. It has gone through many, many climatic changes and will continue to do so whether we are here or not. What truly needs to be studied is there a way we can stop global warming to the extent it can cause a cessation of life on earth.

Answer #2

I’m not a climate expert. The vast majority of climate scientists believe that global warming is real and is at least partly man caused. I wouldn’t be amazed if decades in the future we discover that global warming isn’t as big a problem as we think now; it also wouldn’t surprise me if decades from now it turns out to be an even bigger problem.

As far as fame and fortune goes, there is a lot more money to be made by being a global warming skeptic. Companies in the fossil fuel industry thrown huge amounts of money at any professionals willing to go against the tenor. The way the media gives equal time to people who believe in man made global warming and skeptics leads a lot of people to believe that the jury is still out on the subject when among climate professionals the skeptics are a fringe view.

I view the skepticism of man made global warming the same way I viewed the Tobacco industry’s skepticism that cigarettes cause cancer. It is self-serving for the industries involved to believe a certain viewpoint so that is what they promote.

Answer #3

global warming is hoax if you do the research ull soon find out that it really is a hoax. they mentioned this years ago to they can put a carbon tax on people so they can make more money. if you look at the global warming charts ull see that there has been a gradual decrease in earths co2 levels. let me tell you why they did this. one is of course to make more money. they use scare tactics to get people into submission. an example of a scare tactic would be. lets say someone told your parents you were going to die unless you gave them $10,000. your parents would be more than willing to give those $10,000. its the same thing the government does. its the same thing with the drug war, which is a war on its own people. “One of the traditional and obvious ways of controlling people in every society, whether it’s a military dictatorship or a democracy, is to frighten them. If people are frightened, they’ll be willing to cede authority to their superiors who will protect them…The Drug War is an effort to stimulate fear of danger people from whom we have to protect ourselves. It is also a direct form of control of what are called the ‘dangerous classes,’ those superfluous people who don’t really have a function contributing to profit-making and wealth. They have to be somehow taken care of.” -Noam Chomsky (1988)

Answer #4

Natural Climate Cycle - will change back and forth without mans help - however, we’ll soon be hit with new taxes to combat this ‘the sky is falling’ / ‘doom and gloom’ threat.

Answer #5

I read an article in the news about a women who did a 14 min segment on puffins and how global warming was killing them. It took her over a year to make that 14 min segment because it was too cold.

Answer #6

maybe its not a hoaxc but I think they might be over exagerrating and its kinda dumb too me but I don’t know because I really dont care about global warming.. all I know is it is effin cold right now

Answer #7

Their theory, Fame, Fortune. Has anyone told you that you shouldn’t believe everything you hear?

Answer #8

What would scientists have to gain by making up the huge amounts of research that prove global warming?

Answer #9

global warming is FAKE!! duh!

Answer #10

to me it’s all crap, more to be politically correct about , which in the long run, just causes more fees and regulations to be forced on us by (in most cases ) the far far left…yes we may have damaged the ozone layer with some synthetic proprties, but as George Carlin once said “this planet will shake us off like fleas before we ever get a chance to destroy it” …

Answer #11

Very witty remark fillet. I enjoyed that answer, 100% :)

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