Does global warming really exist?

Does global warming really exist?? why does it, like what proof is there?? can anyone give me some sites?? thanx!! :D

Answer #1

The climate is probablt best described a bit like an elastic band. It stretches and stretches as the seasons and temperature change and get warmer, then it reaches a limit, and bounces back to an Ice Age. This is the earth’s way of mending itself. If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact me! I am trained in this so I can give proper answers! xx

Answer #2

global warming really exist.I myself find a lot of difference in the climatic conditions in past 5 years. my place used to be cold from nov to jan first weak and more there wont be rain during this season.but now a days its raining during nights and very hot during warming really exist and each and every one of us must take every possible action to control it

Answer #4

The majority of climate scientists believe Global Warming is real and is the result of greenhouse gases from human activities.

There are climate change skeptics who hold the minority view that global warming isn’t happening or that it is the result of a natural climate cycle rather than the actions of man.

The number of these skeptics is small but they are highly funded by the industries that have the most to loose from CO2 limits and by conservative ideologues. Due to their funding they are able to get their message out and give the impression to lay people that the jury is still out on global warming when in fact the skeptics here are considered fringe among climatologists.

Answer #6

Yes it does. The increasing temperature of the atmosphere & the increasing amount of CO2 in the atmosphere which makes this occur is the proof.

Answer #7

I don’t believe that global warming exists at all!! So, I can’t give you any input.

Answer #8

The ice caps are MELTING. Is that not enough proof that it’s now warmer than it once was?

Answer #9

Just search it on google. There are tons, and tons of sites about it.

Answer #10

Watch that movie with Al Gore ‘An inconveniant truth’


Answer #11

yeah!! anywhere!

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