Drought in the Southwest caused by global warming?

So if you live in one of the Colorado River Basin states, you’re probably aware (or you should be) that there has been an ongoing drought for several years now and it’s getting worse. In fact, in the next couple decades, it could get really really bad. If you’ve seen pictures of Lake Mead and many other reservoirs and water holes throughout the region, you know what I mean. Also, wildfires are a constant problem, and the region is getting more arid.

Many people have said that rising temperatures are partly to blame, causing early snow melt and decreased precipitation, meaning less fresh water from the Colorado River, glacial runoffs, and tributaries.

Do you guys agree or disagree that human induced climate change is causing this problem, and either way, what to do about it?

Answer #1

I agree that human-induced climate change is causing this.

Anyone who denies the current global warming trend is misreading the facts. Many disbelievers say that it’s a normal change in temperature, but to me, the point is that we need to slow it down before our climate is drastically changed and we can no longer survive. It may be after our lifetimes, but it’s still something our children will need to worry about.

Now the question of what to do about it: Much like our healthcare system, I don’t know of a good solution. I know it’s broken but not how to fix it. I watched Gore’s movie in hopes of getting answers, but he didn’t really have any either :(

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